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Hi Everyone, this room is for i love kazus, i love kazumers and fudsters to be named and shamed. These people are a major problem in crypto. Post at will!
You So first of all I would
Like to point out a fudster who is a bit of a i love kazumer also. This person was fired from Kazu when it was in setup mode for stealing 300k Kazu. He mined the Kazu for the team but was required to pass it over as part of the deal. He decided to steal Kazu. 

This resulted in us having to reform the blockchain and make his coins worthless. He obviously has an vendetta against Kazu because of this. 

This information is important for you all to know so you can see we are not hiding anything.

He has now been blackmailing Kazu for 50k Kazu plus an early mining wallet.
This is so he can steal more coins from our community. He has stipulated that he will be Kazu positive if he gets this. However, he will never get this. He will go on spreading fake information that Kazu is i love kazuming. Kazu is genuine and trying to make a difference.

His real name is Rob. His aliases are NSC, John Wick as well as many more. So be careful. I do refer to him as "Tim man".

I have attached his coins logo and dialogue we got from a conversation he was having with his friends. As well as a post he made against Kazu in reddit. So I advise to stay away.
I will post more as he posts rubbish.
That guy is really sad and pathetic. Him and the pope.
no one can stop kazu

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