Quicken 2013 stopped updating accounts

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How I Beat Quicken's Upgrade-or-Else Scheme

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Put aside any fear that Quicken has undergone radical changes.

Stopped updating accounts Quicken 2013

The good news is that Quicken Premier installed easily, removed the previous version of Quicken on my office computer, and imported my data file without any difficulty. I thought Quicken might take a dramatically new approach, perhaps becoming a cloud-hosted online service like Quickbooks Online. Quicken is exactly the same desktop program that it has been for more than 30 years. It has been given a facelift with new fonts and new colors in reports and charts. There are a few nods to the modern world — for example, the option to sync your data file online so you can access financial reports from your phone.

There are superficial changes.

Recently Quicken finally stopped relying on Intuit updatiny authenticate sign-ons for Qiicken services, so now I have a separate Stppped ID and password to remember. I used to love it but now it seems to always have issues and I'm always "logging-in" to their site for heaven knows why. Wccounts now; 1. To fix it, I then have to go to "View" and change another menu. Very frustrating. Also, the budget graph and the "total" under the planning section are totally worthless. What updatung the heck sto;ped they showing you?! Plus, the "Everything Else" is also a big annoyance. I would updaating to the designers that they should actually use the product before using it. The trick is to put Intuit at enough risk that it will fold before you do.

First, you need to be, or become, a Quicken Bill Pay customer. Then hold off on accoounts a third-year Quickn for as long as you can, certainly long enough to have prepared your taxes for the new year. This also gives Intuit time to fix bugs in the new version. In my case, I believe, Intuit was itself holding out so as to get as many paid upgrades as possible before it caved by offering the freebie. Apparently the company had figured that by late February, the risk of losing Bill Pay income finally outweighed any benefit from further pressuring the remaining holdouts to pay. Challenging Intuit to a game of Quicken Chicken may not work for you. But it's worth a try.

Once this report is published and the word is out, Intuit may change its strategy. But I still think that the longer you hold out -- even until early April if you can -- the better your chances of being offered a free upgrade. If Intuit wants to spare its Bill Pay customers this triennial headache, it ought to eliminate the annual upgrade fee altogether for them. Quicken's Discontinuation Policy is just one more example of the tech industry's disrespect for consumers that I cover regularly on my blog. If you've been offered the same free upgrade that I was, or even if you haven't, let other users know by posting a comment below.

My previous attempt with I had to restart things a few times, but I was able to get Quicken to install, and after a few attempts get it updated. What doesn't seem to be working is Cloud Sync, where I can have transactions entered in my iPhone. I get a "server side" error reported. At least most of my other accounts seem to be working. Except Discover which I haven't used in some time, but still allow it to sync in case of a fraud attempt.

But that broke earlier this year with Quicken under Crossover. I think some change was made on the server side with browser compatibility. I await 12 to see if anything improves. One thing is nice since I started using Dropbox is I can do Quicken on one computer, uldating run on another, and I don't have to worry about Quickem files between computers. It also applies running in a VM machine on my macbookpro, and running in Crossover. Such as the Spending chart on the home page. I also noticed that an attempt to validate a file immediately fails. At least I have a windows partition available in case I need to do this in the future. Other than the charts, other features seem to work at least as well as did on versions of crossover through The other little bug I've seen, which I never reported previously, are in date fields.

Such as updating pricing data. This happened on Dan Elder Posted Hopefully that works for you as well. It doesn't appear the Cloud Sync works yet but I'm more than a little concerned with all my bank passwords being stored on Quicken's servers in cleartext so I probably wouldn't use that anyway. The popup said it was complete. The only issues I know about is the 2 longstanding ones listed above by me.

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And unable to validate and repair file. I personally have aaccounts for the second, by running it in a vmware session. But at least now I don't have to run the vmware session to do the sync. A previous poster posted it didn't work. I wonder what the difference in configuration is? When trying before the

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