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Thank you very much. Singles face tough market in Fort Collins Seven years later, looking back, bg like, 'wow,'" Robert Gregg said. Love Bug now has of its former members married to each other and another in relationships. They also currently have around 2, members within a mile radius of Fort Collins and have matched people from ages 19 to So what's their secret?

The making of a match "What we colline for is common, foundational compatibility," Vera said. If cort interested party contacts them, the Greggs usually bring fkrt in to the office and go through a personality testing forg. Just after he and Vera met on vacation fprt California, she was hesitant fating start a relationship. So the two took to talking on the phone and, eventually, she put him to the test — literally. She gave him the personality test she usually saved for her matchmaking clients. She realized what a good match they'd make. They've been together for 16 years and married for almost sating Coloradoan After the personality test, and screening potential members, Love Bug big to matching.

The little pink forms are bg out and filed away before Vera, Robert or their matchmaker employee Lili start making matches by hand, narrowing down couples by age, physical attributes and compatibility. The initial visit is always free of charge. Membership programs and prices vary depending on what the client wants, but they are able to fit most people's budgets, Vera said. It's a lot more discreet than online services. But with Love Bug, you have people picking out your matches, you have people setting you up and you have people checking in with you after. The surge of online dating has definitely helped the business of matchmaking, though, the Greggs say.

According to a Pew Research study, one in 10 Americans have used an online dating site or smartphone dating app. In59 percent of Internet users surveyed said they thought online dating was a good way to meet people, a point bump compared with results from eight years before. And with more and more people trying online dating, Vera said she's noticed people being less scared to try going to a matchmaker. But with the traditional matchmaking model, compared with online dating, what you see is what you get, Vera said. Then I meet the one She is what I was looking for and the best part is Thank you LB!

Melody L. He was the fourth person that LoveBug introduced me to, and I was the eleventh person my husband met. After being single for a number of years and trying other dating avenues online profiles, church singles groups, other dating serviceswe both ended up at LoveBug, ready and willing to try yet another route to meet our soul mates. We invested in the program financially and took the professional advice that the staff gave us. We could not be happier! We are well matched and looking forward to our second wedding anniversary next month. Mandy B. Love Bug found my perfect someone.

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