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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Shopping on Taobao

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Farmers can buy their equipment online. Taobao sellers offer all kinds of equipment necessary for castrating cattle. To avoid any mistakes, they also add a picture of how to do this castration. From chocolate to bananas, all kinds of foodstuff can be found on Taobao.

This is why some sellers on Taobao offer their services to be yelled at. For 2 RMB, you can scream at a real person for 5 minutes. Foldable Laptop Table Source: This is probably one of the worst things to encounter while shopping on Taobao. To be fair though, Taobao does extend a reasonable amount of protection to its buyers — especially if it has to do with dodgy sellers. It makes things much easier when trying to navigate the refund application page. I applied for a refund but the seller is still being dodgy.

This is where the headaches liftle. I applied for a refund yet again, this time stating that the seller did not provide a tracking number. The seller rejected the refund request yet again, this time uploading a screen shot of a fake tracking document. There, there. First things first, get Taobao to intervene and mediate the situation.

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I used this option once and it took about 2 weeks for them to come to a final conclusion. Taobao will give you and the seller 3 days to upload any proof tracking documents, screen shots of chat messages etc. Glass and Bowl Set Source:

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