Kin 2 updating modem driver

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If you do not have a COM port, then follow the updatung step otherwise jump to step 4 2. When asked to upgrade bootcode, hit the "y" key to confirm action. Legacy 6K switches have DB9 serial console port. Look detail here- http: You will have to install driver for the USB-to-Serial cable.

Modem driver 2 updating Kin

Fast and simple. Type command: After the boot code upgrade is done, reboot the switch. In order to upgrade to the 4. The USB-to-Serial com port number would be visible.

Login and reboot the switch again. Login to switch using a Telnet application. I called tracfone At talked… to tech service and they walked me right through it. Also I don't want to lose any minutes I have or the double airtime minutes I have.

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Modm the prompts and once the image gets loaded, issue the "save" command. Web link to our support portal. Full Answer share with friends Where can you get themes for your china phone? Is there a way to transfer the minutes as well as keeping my current phone?

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