Escort 8500 manual

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2009 Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector Manual & Direct Wire SmartCord Auto

Invitation though they were on the industry lanes, my Wife X50 let me give well Esxort literary that something was heading on up ahead noted before I could even see them. Tight, I can also keeping the other if I am pleased for some reason.

Since I was the only car on the road, he definitely was interested in my speed.

Manual Escort 8500

The detection range is exceptional and warned me well in advance of any radar ahead and several times from behind. We stuck really tight to the speed limit 70 MPH Escoet kept getting the intermittent Ka signal for miles. A LEO was sitting in his patrol car on the left side of the highway facing oncoming traffic and apparently was switching his Ka-Band transmission from front to back antennas. The brightness settings are perfect. Sure enough, it was a Searchlight LEO. The Passport X50 does everything that I expected of it.

There was no visible LEO out there! Escortt wife decided that she would purchase it for my birthday! This is one feature that helped me make my choice and I will never own a detector without the earphone jack. Even though they were on the opposite lanes, my Passport X50 let me know well in advance that something was going on up ahead long before I could even see them.

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This is wide open desert in this area and there was not a car on the road that we could see. I tried to stay less than 10 MPH over the posted limit anyway so I felt pretty confident that I would not be singled out, however, the Passport X50 warned me every time there was radar in use so I always backed off well ahead of time! I highly recommend the Escort Passport X The signal was intermittent and very strong. I traveled this route many years and traffic always moves faster than the posted speed limit of 45 MPH. I really like the red LED and the 3 levels of brightness.

During the day, the brightest setting works well for me.

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