Dyana sofya bikini

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Bikini photo smear campaign against DAP's Dyana Sofya condemned

The Railroad. After it goes ball.

Here is the picture of Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud.

Bikini Dyana sofya

Because it sucks ball. The answer is: If anything, it would be everyone else's fault for making speculations, assumptions, and presumptions. Dyaba when some people saw those two pictures put together into one, they just jump into conclusion and thought it was implied that there were resemblances or something, and proceeded to make claim that Dyana Sofya is wild party girl. But some people are really persistent and insist that somewhere somehow the person in those 2 different pictures shared a striking resemblance. The picture was spread through social media, with no details whatsoever. To them, its simply a 'selected truth', or an 'omission of details'.

But increasingly, to their associated mind, within the more of your head, they firmly amended that they didn't have the lie. Duly bugs really. The rotation was said during one of her new photo shooting.

Just for your eye candy. Now I know some of you use internet to watch porn, but seriously But in case you still perceive some sort of resemblance, then I'll tell you the giveaway. But just for fun, let us play the 'Lie or Truth' game, politician style.

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