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Should single mums give up on love?

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My proud mum could barely keep up with all the stars I interviewed. If I thought about babies at all, they were long in the future and came with a wedding ring and a well-heeled husband. And so it proved. He asked not to have his name on the birth certificate and has never offered to help financially. After all, the decision to keep him was unilateral on my part. Mum was with me when I took the pregnancy test. The look on her face said it all. Like most people she assumed I would have an abortion. Amy claims she began to view being a mother during her relative youth as a positive thing after considering all the cons Nevertheless, almost from the moment I saw the blue line on the pregnancy stick, I had an overwhelming urge to keep the baby.

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I vacillated for days, mons that single momw would be an insurmountable challenge and that it would be unfair on dakly baby to deprive him of a father. But after considering all the cons — including having to move home, abandon a burgeoning career, curtail my carefree social life and the risk of embarrassing my parents — I decided the pros outweighed them. In fact, over time, I began to view my relative youth as a positive thing. And they were able to return to careers at a relatively young age. Amy admits she pretended to have discovered her pregnancy too late for a termination when asked about being a first time mum Nevertheless, I was stunned by how ashamed I was made to feel by others.

My mum grew up in the Sixties where, if girls got accidentally pregnant, they would be packed off to mother and baby homes or forced to give their Dating for single moms uk daily mail up for adoption. She knew two girls who had succumbed to this fate. Today young single mothers might not be carted off to mother and baby homes but the stigma is still very real. One colleague said: How could this have happened? Conflating my experience with that of a gymslip mum only highlights how skewed our view of young motherhood has become. Virtually every day, people commented: You look so young to have a baby. Meanwhile, my parents invited me to move back in with them in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, so they could help with childcare and I could save on bills for a while.

And I took to the day-to-day care of Freddy like a duck to water. Of course there were days when I longed to have a partner to share the burden with. But I have never regretted my age. Perhaps the doubters made me all the more determined to succeed. I signed up for every class going. Baby Yoga, Baby Swimming. Braced for impact, I filled my week with friends, playdates, trips to the park and a night in with my great friend Esther. By the end of the week I was still waiting to feel upset. Sleepless nights, potty training, providing constant entertainment and not losing my mind when it fell apart with toddler tantrums and mess everywhere had helped me master a few key life skills.

I am a woman with many attributes, motherhood being one of the most important. I took a few months off from dating and enjoyed all that motherhood had to offer. After a while I felt ready to get back on the horse, but this time I was prepared to be blunt about exactly who I was, what was important to me and what I was looking for. I wanted to re-embrace dating with an open heart but, I must admit, Mike had knocked me off kilter. Would I be better off focusing on my little family of two and giving up on love? An hour later we were still chatting. Our first date was perfect.

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We instantly clicked and had our second date the next evening. Our third the um after, and our fourth — you get the picture. Liam sintle Darcy early into our relationship. I told Darcy he was my friend, they said hello and that was it. It was so easy. After so many little meetings, Darcy and Liam were really comfortable with each other. I never did make it to be a ballerina but I have a career I love.

Motherhood does not make a woman less; it makes her so much more. You have other interests, passions and ideas, too. If you talk about it positively, it will come across positively. Tell your romantic interest that you have children and ask if they do. If they have children, ask yourself how you feel about that, too. Robin Wilde, the leading lady in my novel, could teach anyone a thing or two.

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