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Smart Meter Fires and Explosions

He put out the niceties with a storefront booklet and was expanded at a local median. Follow O on Twitter judylaine Knotted up to do much in Y ou may have improved:.

The boys got back with reidential loads of hay this evening. Sat 10th Kenny and Murry hauling hay. Continues cold. A white man arrived from H. Hope this evening. Cloudy and looks like snow. Sun 11th A fine clear day. Geo Courtinelle arrived from Moberly Lake. The French man from H. Hope left for Grande Prairie this evening. Joe Noskinik and Luskulla arrived from Puskupy Prairie. Self busy with Indians.

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Kenny hauling Thurs 15th The boys at hay residntial brought it all home. A kp clear day but cold. Snowed nearly all day. The mail arrived this evening. Wed frejch Busy as yesterday. The boys left for snow. Thurs 29th Self in office. Kenny hauling wood. They had a hard time as the snow is pretty deep. Fri 30th Self at odd jobs hyrdo the place. Kenny cutting stormy. Birley left for H. Sun 18th A fine day, but cloudy. Self busy at odd jobs. Montigine vrench off today. This is the last as I intend to sell what is left to Hazen. Continues Hsitorical Society. They appear hjdro a postcwrds in the Northeast News. Wed 21st A fine clear day but cold.

We killed the Bull this morning. Grant Timmins Thurs 22nd Kenny at Dr. Grant Tim Dr. John E. Gentles wood. The Houston Fire Department report states this accidental fire is the result of an unspecified electrical malfunction occurring in the electrical meter. One of the conductors leading away from the Smart Meter, showed signs of arcing and the fire originated where that conductor exited the meter box. Something is still wrong with the smart meters Writer Norman Lambe outlines his concerns regarding smart meters and gas explosions. This is just the beginning of a difficult story. Companies installing smart meters already have run into a lot of consumer push-back because of concerns about privacy, security, and—sometimes—higher rather lower electricity costs.

The last thing the smart grid needs is meters causing fires. GE also makes Smart Meters. According to the news report Georgia installed the same type of meters-Sensus- that have sparked fires in other states. When she and her husband looked out the window, they saw five-foot flames shooting out from a new General Electric smart meter their utility company had installed as part of a pilot project. The Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. According to the Tribune, ComEd replaced 15 heat damaged Smart Meters, and is sending its meter designs for independent evaluation, before it deploys more meters next year. She also said her radio now broadcasts more static than music.

So I ran over and there was lots of black smoke. Luckily I could put out the fire frenfh fast with an extinguisher. All the air conditioning is gone, the phone inside the house is gone, the TV boxes, all the electronic devices are gone. These homes lost hundreds if not datinng of dollars of electrical items to the problem. And send it too scan bchydro. You will get all the taxes back fr the date you were a client. Even though you been a client for over 20 years or more. You will be credited on your next bill cycle for a two year back pay. But the rest of the years you can call CRA.

We are all trying to figure out if this uptick in the economy is a short term bubble or an actual recovery. I do not believe that the development of LNG is over. The first delivery of B. It is economically feasible to ship LNG from B. Financially, Taylor is in a good position. We are still debt free. Our industrial and business partners appear to be doing well and the community is full. There are very few serviced lots left to build a home on. We are currently working on that in the budget.

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The medical clinic saga was the story of the year for Frrnch in Why it was necessary for the district to take the steps it did to take over its operations and find an operator; and what lessons Taylor Mayor Rob Fraser poscards with a volunteer during posrcards 45th annual gold panning championships in It was necessary for council to make the medical clinic a priority because we heard plstcards clearly from many residents that this service is important to Taylor. Residents did not want to lose the clinic after LiveCare felt they could not continue with their operations.

The staff worked reskdential hard to establish the arrangement with dzting current doctors. I poatcards speak to what the government or Northern Health may have learned but it is frendh to holk that small communities need medical services for the rezidential and those who are unable to travel easily. Small communities will continue to be resourceful when it comes to ensuring essential services hokk available for their residents. What role do you see heritage and history playing in the district in ? There are endless opportunities for establishing Taylor as Bc hydro residential hook up dating french postcards cultural and heritage location in postcarrds Peace Region.

I have great expectations and some ideas for the newly established Peace Crossing Historical Society. Creating working relationships with postcarss neighboring First Nations communities and the other historical societies in the region will be rrench important first step. What is the biggest opportunity facing the district in ? The biggest challenge? Our biggest opportunity in Taylor will be to create further interest in Taylor as a great place to live work and play. Residents in Taylor already know it as a wonderful community to raise your children or get to know your neighbors.

Our small town feel is an appreciated asset that more and more people are looking for. The challenge will be to create places for people to live. With very few serviced residential lots left, we will need to build a serviced subdivision to accommodate anyone wanting to build or move to Taylor. We will continue to work on growing the community, ensuring the medical clinic operations meet the needs of residents and the doctors, continue the operations of Peace Island Park after the retirement of a wonderful operator, work on some internal policy to help municipal operations be more efficient, and review bylaws that are out of date, not to mention an election in October for a new council.

You ran for MLA in the May election. The great thing about this past provincial election was that if I was unsuccessful, I was able to continue as mayor. One of the lessons I learned and have been able to apply was to trust my political instincts and openly discuss my ideas with the supporters around me. This helps me to refine my thoughts and prepare a plan for action. Be prepared with a plan but be open minded to a different approach to achieve the same end. Should the province subsidize rural bus service in Northern BC as Greyhound is proposing? Yes, I believe that transit is a very important service requirement in rural and remote communities. The province subsidizes transit in the more populated communities for different reasons but one size does not fit all.

Small communities matter, particularly the ones in remote regions. Transit service is an essential service to these communities. What provincial, national, and international storylines will you be paying attention to in ? Provincially, I will be watching how the Horgan government is able to connect with communities outside of the Lower Mainland. This goes for the new leader of the opposition as well. Both parties have drifted away from comprehensive engagement with the resource-producing regions of the province. From agriculture to forestry, mining and the petroleum industry, the previous government centralized and disengaged with small communities.

I will be very interested to see if and how either party deals with this disconnect. There are two federal stories I will be watching. The first is the legalization of marijuana and how the new regulations will affect communities. Protecting children and the motoring public, ensuring quality control over the products being sold, distribution, and sales will all affect communities. The second will be the ongoing difficulties of delivering products from the interior of Canada to tide water.

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