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Print ad campaign model: Missoni, Print ads: Cover Girl's TruBlend clean makeup, Dfew ads: Cover Arlington dating sites Trublend numbered makeup system, Print ads: Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain. Northen Paper Towels, TV commercial: Knudsen Yogurt, Print ads: CoverGirl's lashblast fusion mascara. ModelRep2 Nov 19, I could never figure out what her appeal is exactly. Lovinglife Mar 18, she is a really great actress. Top Contributors for Drew Barrymore. Help keep Drew Barrymore profile up to date. The film received poor reviews from critics for its cliched plot. The Election of Barack Obamawhich follows former U. Norton had planned for this project inwhen Obama was a Senator from Illinois, elaborating that Obama was "an interesting prism through which to examine politics.

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Both projects received lukewarm reviews; the former was praised for Norton's performance but criticized for its conflicting tonal shifts, [96] while the latter was panned because of a clumsy plot with excessive twists. Birdman and beyond[ edit ] Director Wes Andersonwho featured Norton in three of his films Norton had two lead film roles in He starred as scoutmaster Randy Ward in charge of finding his missing camper in the coming-of-age film Moonrise Kingdomdirected by Wes Anderson. In the movie, Norton portrayed retired Air Force colonel Eric Byer, who decides to terminate an illegal operation after being exposed to the FBI, and kill everyone involved.

Norton collaborated again with director Anderson for The Grand Budapest Hotel, which featured an ensemble cast and won four Academy Awards. The film, as well as Norton's performance, was well received by critics. Entertainment scheduled to distribute the film in November The film was panned by critics due to its incoherent screenplay.

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