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Susan Sarandon Inspires Her Fans To Troll A Black Female Activist Because Of Course

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Sarandon sucking Susan

Susan Sarandon 5k. Do something local So spend your money elsewhere, kids. He was a career politician who had failed to accomplish anything skcking Congress over a thirty-year period of time. Nobody frm Bernie's side said English only. Although the media had a love affair with Bernie, we knew better: I could do all of this because I am privileged enough that I will weather a Trump presidency, as much as it sucks, the rest of America be damned.

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Apparently, according to Sarandon, a vote for an sagandon qualified and experienced woman for president must mean that vote was sudking, not by policy or other legitimate reasons, but merely because of gender. I don't see much difference between her and other predators in the movie industry. Susan Sarandon spruiking Apple? Minority report It may surprise you to learn that people of colour are represented as worthy causes, salt-of-the-earth yeomanry, or in one case, a bit of a bitch.

By John Dickson This is a community announcement: She drives a Lexus. Pollsters and the media informed us—repeatedly—that Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag. And there it is. Then, Sarandon encouraged her fans and Bernie supporters everywhere to vote for Jill Steinwhich we know was as good as voting for Donald Trump, and helped hand the win in the electoral college to Trump. Listen up twitter.

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