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Maybe you just want to be slutty for one guy, maybe for lots of guys. Maybe you just want to experiment for a little while with multiple different guys. Many people use the term slut as a pejorative for a woman who is promiscuous. The truth zmall, this word slyt incredibly common. You may even have called someone a slut in the past. Yet it does, and people continue to use it. However, not everyone uses the word to mean something negative. FAQ 2 — How can being a slut be a positive? Some people, women especially, have reclaimed the word slut. They may be promiscious and enjoy many sexual partners or having casual sex.

They often point out that a double standard exists between men and women: This can even affect how people view women who are victims of rape [ 39 ]. FAQ 3 — How do I deal with other people calling me a slut?

You may be less sexually experienced and adventurous, and people can still call you a slut! You can learn a lot about smapl way a person sees the world and women from whether and when they call you a slut. Keeping that in mind can help you to keep walking with your head held high. Just let that ignorant comment slide right off your back. Learn what slut shaming is. FAQ 4 — Do you have to wear something specific to be viewed as a slut? If you dress provocatively, more people might call you a slut.

On the other hand, there are times when you might want to dress slutty. FAQ 5 — What does it mean if my man wants me to be sluttier? Do you want to be a slut for your man? You might wonder if he wants you to sleep with other people. To figure out what he wants for sure, you could talk to him. He might imagine something specific that you cannot possibly provide without knowing what. But if you simply want to try acting slutty to please your man or if he wants you to be a little more slutty in general, try the following. Wear something sexy for him. Initiate sex.

Learn how to suck cock and act as though you enjoy it. Talk dirty to your man in bed — and perhaps before to get both of you in the mood for sex. Get on top during sex and take control. Let him know you had a good time afterward. This article on Medium discusses how and why women can embrace the word slut. Michael Castleman M. A week later she informed me that Kaiser would be "passing on this opportunity. They're a large healthcare organization. Could I really have pictured them having a position on something called "boofing? I had to try it. Right before zero hour, Butt nice slut small showered and scrubbed like I'd never done before in my life.

My assistant who shall remain anonymous was wonderful enough to volunteer her time and lack of squeamishness for this experiment. The least I could do was give her an immaculately sterilized field Butt nice slut small operations. I had looked up how anal porn stars prepped for a scene to make sure no dookie made an appearance, but an enema seemed a bit like overkill so I made do with a bunch of cupped handfuls of water in the shower. I prepared the three methods described online. First, we'd attempt blowing the coke up my butt through a tube with lung power. Second, I'd mix a bit of water with the powder and inject the solution into my colon using a liquid syringe. Finally, I'd try just poking some dry powder right up there with my finger.

My assistant, a virgin to cocaine herself, wouldn't ever need to touch the stuff. For the first method we used a plastic tampon applicator as the tunnel, both for ease of insertion, and because I feared no mere plastic straw could stand up to the strength of my clench. I started by chopping up approximately one third of a gram of blow into what I considered normal sized lines. It had been a while since I'd used this stuff in the more traditional sense, so I erred on the side of shorter lines. I spooned two lines into the applicator, careful not to tip it too far, lest the powder spill out the slits of the domed end.

We got the tip in me without any real difficulty. We let our laughter subside a bit and put on our game faces. She took a breath and blew into the Tampax tube. Had we the slightest bit of understanding of aerodynamics, we'd have been fully prepared for what happened next, which was the dead end of my rectum forcing the blown air to turn around and exit the side of the tube it came from. And, my lips are very numb," she said. I let myself wait for a bit to see if I felt anything. Don't Date Cleat Chasers, especially if you're an athlete These women are awful.

Sure, they're probably hot. They live in Arizona or LA or Miami, they're blonde and tiny. But when you're hooked up to a girl whose only quality is her looks -- no substance, ambition or depth -- who is hoping to use your name to parlay their C-list looks into an MTV or Oxygen show, or some kind of gig where their boobs and butt make them 'good at it, you know you're screwed because they really have no other life skills and can't sustain their clothes shopping habit on a 35K a year salary as an office manager. These girls don't love you. They love winning. They love knowing some athlete picked them.

If it wasn't you, it'd be your third baseman. Your defensive lineman. Your goalie. And they love the attention. Anything for attention. Make out with chicks for attention, and tweet pics of themselves in 70 different positions in the same dress for attention. Look at their Instagram -- any pictures with friends? Little old ladies? Just selfies in a mirror with a tight dress on. I'm sure she is super modest and has loads to converse about. Pick the girl who loves the guy, not the attention the guy's job brings. If a chick has a laundry list of crazy that's laid out on websites like Baller Alert, Deadspin or The Dirty, maybe think twice about whether or not she's a good girl with good intentions.

I can rarely get a guy to buy me a second beer, yet some chicks get rocks on the second date. It baffles me.

She and I have eroded each other since we were Already are barely legal next stage quarters who seduce kinds and talk them into plural their teen assholes.

But I do get it. And sometimes, if not most times, I assume a guy puts a ring on a chick because he gets it. Because she IS it. Because she's not the gold digger, cleat chaser, bad person who is using you for sperm so she can divorce you, marry the pool boy and get alimony and child support so she never has to work. That you figured that out for yourself after years of dating or whatever. I feel like some guys are smart. I've heard horror stories about women who hours after saying I do, are going off the paranoia deep end accusing their husband of hitting on bridesmaids, or getting angry over Maxim Magazine subscriptions, or spending their husband's money on things like bags shoes and clothes at rates that made the dudes from "Wolf of Wall Street" look frugal.

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These women are like their bice personal cottage industry. And when smsll guy wises up alut divorces her, you'll see her wandering around the party cities like Miami and L. And guys will learn. Just don't be the guy who, once the real girl comes out, goes into denial that the level of normalcy she presented pre-ring was as real as that pair of fake boobs you bought her. I like sex, sports and beer. I scream at my TV during playoffs, I talk about baseball and hockey, my guy friends talk about blow jobs and farts around me, I take shots and I dance awkwardly. I was always the girl the boys brought out because I just could hang.

Don't date the girl who can't hang. She doesn't need to know sports.

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