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‘My Fair Wedding: Unveiled’ – Brenchel

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Loves it so much that …. We have to take a shot! Which is pretty bombtastic. The bride gets to choose from three different custom color lipsticks, and gets to name whichever one she chooses! Turns out David picked it, bygones. I really assumed she would name the lipstick after her dog. If I had a chance to name something, I would name it after my cat, for sure. Next, David takes Amber to Casa Bianca where her bridesmaids are waiting, already wearing fabulous red dresses. We are here to see new bridesmaids dresses, although it looks like David already picked one.

Dress 1 — Brehchel bridesmaids are already wearing it but for some reason David makes them leave and walk back in. These girls would look good in knline, but I am seriously not feeling this brenhel. The little hip ruffles wedding not flattering on anyone. Dress 2 The bride likes the rose detailing I do, too. Dress 3 The bride really likes it, but the ladies were a little worried about the boob peek-a-boo, as they should be. David asks which is the favorite, and it is 2 all around. Dress 1 The bride likes it. Dress 2 Amber seems to like this dress a lot more than 1.

She can see herself dancing at her wedding wearing this dress. Dress 3 David thinks the back of the dress may be a little too much for a wedding, but Amber likes 3 the best. David shows up to reveal the dresses he chose for Amber. She liked 3. She cried all over it. And then … He picked 2 for the reception dress. Totally not the one the bride wanted.

My thoughts exactly. Then David flashes some Swarovski bling and all weddinf forgiven. When does it become …. Right about now? Time to reveal the bridesmaids dresses. Regardless, hopefully the bride was still happy with everything. She does look happy. And sleepy. Someone dye some feathers. Before After Is it just me, or is there no red on this dress. Rachel tells David her dream wedding would be at the Arctic Circle under the aurora borealis. Obviously this sounds awesome but is completely illogical. So then they say basically they want their wedding to be a spectacle; they want to put on a show for their guests.

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Rachel likes to hear herself talk, but mom and sis are just as bad. Is there anything worse than the unreasonably entitled relative of a D-list celebrity? Mom is like, David does beautiful weddings, DUH. Calm yourself. Next we meet up with David and Rachel and her crew to try on bridal gowns. But not just plain old boring white bridal gowns. Dress 1 is a little too short. Dress 2 is longer, and ombre! Dress 3 is the clear winner. Next we meet up with our couple at some kind of circus school. David wants them to make some kind of grand entrance to the reception. They try the silk sheets things.

David is not so sure about this. Then the bride tries the hanging hoop thing. Next David meets up with his couple at a dance studio, where they are learning a choreographed first dance. They confess they need a little work, since Brendon dropped Rachel on her head earlier. David is all, okay ….

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