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So, to, it's a crowded booth. Handling the data out in enviable, the biggest tip I would give is I adoptive them to line up against the corresponding, line up against the van, appointment up against the fixed. I have none.

So she has been a driving force in this relationship all along, kind of ordering him around. You can hear it in the shows. Diamond, do you mind if I ask? Has that ever been an issue in your marriage? Are you and Chris on the same page about this? Well, it was somewhat the same, but a little bit different.

Chris sextupkets to have more, and I didn't. We had Dwayne, he wanted one more. And he did hound me for a little while, but I think where sextpulets differ, where we - like the doctor said, we've known each other a lot longer. Before we even started dating, we were friends, like really, really good friend. And then once we started dating, we dated a couple of years and then got married. So we knew each other. Even though he hound me and we went on and had more than one, it wasn't planned.

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It was somewhat the same situations, Harris sextuplets I don't know why the outcome is a little bit different. But sextjplets said, I don't understand why they're have been - they are been held up to a higher standard. Every family sextuplefs through this, I think, and people always ask me what I think, and I think nothing. I think I got to work on my own marriage like everybody else does in this world. So I try not to Harris sextuplets on that. Well how do you and Chris, your husband, maintain peace in the home and try to stay on the same page, because it Harris sextuplets - it's hard. We religious. We talk to our pastor. We go to counseling, even seztuplets. I mean, like you guys said earlier, they sextupletss counsel you before you go in sextuplet fertility treatment.

But to me, I'm all for it, but that counseling doesn't do any good because you're not truly prepared for what's to come. I mean, once the reality hit, it is like a total culture shock. You know what? I want to play a short clip from the documentary for Discovery Health that you participated in, sxtuplets one of your tips for wrangling all these people - little people… Soundbite of laughter MARTIN: And here sextupleys is. Soundbite of Discovery Health Documentary Ms. Handling the kids out in public, the biggest tip I would give is I taught them to line up against the wall, line up against the van, line up against the glass.

Anything that's flat where all of them line up and I can make sure I count them and see - make sure everyone is there. That's what I have taught them to do, and it have worked. They get rowdy in a minute, we'll say get up against the wall, and everybody line up and just wait. It's as if you're in school and they tell you to walk in a line. It's the same thing. You hear that? Line up. Jolene, what are your tips for handling a large family when you're out in public? I can't believe that those two have time to fight. I mean, really. I don't think that my husband and I have the perfect marriage or anything, but boy, we're all so busy between our own lives and the kids lives and everything else we have to do, we really don't fight, and I just think we don't have time.

So I'm kind of surprised that those two have time to fight. But as far as, you know, the kid's behavior and handling them in public, it's really like Diamond said in a way, which is they know what you're expectations are. And as long as you've been clear with them from the beginning how you will and will not behave in public, they'll listen to you. But what about keeping it together with Glen, your husband? What about keeping on the same page? You all say you're too busy to argue, but this… Ms. You know, if you're going argue there's always something to argue about. Yeah, and people always say communication's important, and, obviously, it is. And part of it is just being willing to stick it out no matter what.

I know that the problems we've had - like Glen will sign the kids up for everything under the sun because they're all such valuable activities, but then he's not the one usually who's got to get them to all these activities. So then I'll get a little bit annoyed. And, you know, but we work it out. And as they've gotten older, it's so much easier because now we can leave them alone for a little while by themselves. It's not like I have to get a babysitter all the time. And we can give them a little more time alone and give each other more time together. Hear that, Diamond? It get's easier.

But… Ms. It's getting easier now. They're going to be seven in two weeks. So… Ms. That's a Harris easier than when they were setuplets running around, Harrs it? Oh yes ma'am. Sharon, in the last couple of minutes we have left, do you have some advice for parents who have these multiples? Do you have any advice for them? You know, I think it's the same advice that I would give to any couple Hwrris is about to have a child - sextuplwts one child. And that is is that marriages are like a garden. They have to be watered and fed and get sunshine and nurtured to make it grow. Not with one, two, or three babies but six children all together. When did you find out you were having six babies?

Throughout the pregnancy, the doctors kept scanning five heartbeats. When they first told me, I started to panic. When she first found out about the five, I was at work. She called to tell me and my immediate thought was I was going to get my son and daughter in one swoop. But the more I started to think about it, the more I started to worry about how am I going to provide for these people? Once they got here, it was like, well, what can we do now? How difficult was your pregnancy? I had a pulmonary embolism from carrying them and lost a lot of blood and weight. I only gained 40 lbs. They've been clients for four years. Clair counties, according to Tree Davidson, public relations coordinator for Birmingham Salvation Army.

When did you find out you were most six classes. Jolene, what about you. You can choose it in the news.

This year, the 7-year-old sextuplets have asked for scooters. They have two at the house, but it gets a little harried when everyone wants to ride them at the same sextulets. They've also personalized their lists to Santa. The Angel Tree program is for children 10 and younger. The Harris couple's year-old son, Dewayne, does not qualify for the program, but he does benefit from it. Because the program provides gifts for the sextuplets, the Harrises will have enough money to get gifts for Dewayne and something extra for the sextuplets, Diamond Harris said.

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