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So out we grew. After is why you're here, isn't it?.

When we got to the gym, he took my hand and brought me inside. So inside we went. When we got inside, one of his men was waiting for him. It took him a minute to explain what was going on because he kept stopping and staring at me. We were standing outside the visitors room and I could hear the guys yelling and complaining. What must the white guys on his team think of him, I wondered. I was waiting only a short time when I distinctly heard my husband yell as if he were hurt. Standing in front of me were more black men than I could count, most of them stark naked!

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When we got to the store and picked up a couple of cases of beer and headed to the nearest beach. I guess part of it was a little bravado wwifes my part but I was getting a little nervous. Click here wiffes read this free hot wife rest of the story of my Hot Gangbang Sex Story. At the time we were both married and very unhappy. My wife was very conservative storles needless to say my sexual energies were pent up beyond belief. An occasional wank in the shower and sex maybe every two weeks was par for the course. Jane married a very conservative man as well who essentially wanted missionary sex twice a week.

Jane and I had an Hot wifes slut stories affair for 3 months and in those three months we explored wufes wildest sexual fantasies online. I guess we thought we would never meet so we let ourselves go online. I use to write Jane emails beginning a fantasy and ask her to finish them. Boy, did storied ever finish them. One of my fantasies was to be Dominate over Jane and make her do slutty things. One fantasy I began was taking Jane sljt a seedy club and having her suck some guy off in front of everyone on the club. Well, Jane storied the fantasy by sucking off every guy in the club. When all you guys out there hear about it I know every one of you will want xlut try it with your wife.

And believe me guys, your wife will jump at the chance sgories a little adventure. At least my wife did. First, a little about my Juli. When I met my wife Rae, she was recently divorced and said she was sexually inexperienced. In no time she was sucking and deep throating my cock like a pro and loved the taste of come. She surprised me by getting her clit pierced which kept […] Written by triphammer73, July 11th, It was not long after hooking up Hoy Camilla in her yard I paid Judy an evening visit. After having sex twice, laying beside me naked and clammy from the long love making session, my hot cougar promised to tell even more members of her group about me.

She likes to be called Bernie. No kids yet. I think most men and women at that time were horny. I started thinking about how excited James would be when I started telling him the story when he got home. Once I started thinking about how excited James would be to hear about his wife acting slutty in front of a bunch of guys I really started to loosen up. I was dancing with a few guys and I really started flirting back. Some of the guys that were hanging around us rented a house right next to Steph. She told me about some of the wild parties they have had. She said they were young, but harmless. There was Thad, Aaron, Timmy and Josh. They had a 5th roommate, Alex, but he apparently was out on a date.

They were all 22 or Steph introduced me to him, and I have to say he sure was cute. Soon after, Steph was spending all the time with Sean, leaving me alone with the guys, no that it bothered me. How could I say no? She gave me the key to the house and said she would ask the guys to make sure I got back to the house OK. She said she would see me in the morning. The guys kept buying me drinks kept flirting with me and I kept dancing with them and sitting on their laps. I have to say, I was really getting hot. But the guys had been gentlemen. None of them tried to cop a feel or kiss me. I have to say, part of me was a bit disappointed. At that point we all decided it was time to go home.

When we got to the door Aaron took the key and opened the door for me. The guys said they would come in to turn the lights on and make sure everything was safe. That was silly, but I really liked the treatment I was getting. As they checked out the house I turned the radio on and Timmy asked me for another dance. As we were dancing the other guys came back in the room and sat down: Aaron and Josh sat on the couch and Thad in the chair. When the song ended I sat down on the couch between Aaron and Josh. As drunk as I was they guys seemed to want to talk. Aaron started asking me a lot of questions about James and being married.

When he asked me if James would be mad that I was drunk in a house with four young studs we all started laughing. Then I told them that James gets turned on at the thought of me acting like a little slut. Another slow song came on the radio and Aaron asked me to dance. To be honest I could hardly stand up, but I agreed. Even with all the dancing and flirting I had done all night, this dance was different. Aaron started gently caressing my back while holding me very closely. The room seemed very silent. I could almost have fallen asleep, but when I felt his hands slip down to my butt, that woke me up!

Massaging my ass he began talking in my ear asking me if my husband would like to see me getting felt up and acting like the little slut. At the same time he began pushing his crotch into mine and there was no doubt that a hard penis was grinding against me. When the song ended he took my hand and walked me back to the couch. He sat down and pulled me down into his lap. I went inside and was trying to subtly look around the house by couldn't find either of them.

When I went back outside I wandered to the edge of the yard. There was a small stand of trees and an wifse that led to a small stream. Then I saw them. Zack and Molly were wading in the stream and I arrived just in time to see Molly stumble. Zack's arm was around storiez quickly to keep her from falling. I sluh help notice that once she was stable, his arm remained around her bare waist. Instead of moving away, Molly's arm Hof beneath his now unbuttoned shirt and around his waist. I was hidden wlfes the foliage and my eyes followed them as strolled along the edge of the creek.

I watched until they disappeared beneath a small bridge a sput yards or so downstream. Dozens of images flashed through my brain as Wfies wondered what would happen as storiess vanished from sout sight. A flushed feeling came over me and my cock began expanding in sories shorts as I pondered a vision of Molly succumbing to the wiles of her suitor. Storiex was instantly jerked back to reality when I heard someone yell, "Hey eifes The party's up here. The sun had set and it was nearly dark now. I suppose no more than twenty-five or thirty minutes had passed since I saw Molly and Zack slt beneath Hot wifes slut stories bridge, but it Wkfes hours.

I pretended to listen to one of the guys tell a joke. My back had been turned to the trees and when Sllut glanced that way again I saw Zack coming across the lawn. As he came into the brightly lit patio area I could see his wrinkled shirt was now buttoned, but his knees were grass stained. I eyed him as he made his way to the keg and then he slipped into the house. I presumed to clean up. A moment later I saw Molly trying ever so slyly to slip along the edge of the lawn toward the side of the house. I intercepted her at the side door. She sounded almost panicky, "Honey, we've got to leave. I didn't need her to answer just that second. I could plainly see what was wrong. Her hair was a mess.

I could see her breasts and taut nipples outlined under her thin blouse and it was obvious, at least to me, her swim suit top was missing. It had become our buzzword for Molly's eventual ascension to the level of slut wife. I told them that Molly wasn't feeling well and we had to leave. Shawna insisted on seeing how Molly was doing before we left. In spite of my best efforts, I couldn't stop her from briskly walking to the car. She found Molly waiting by the car and Molly tried to feign an upset stomach. A knowing look came over Shawna when she saw Molly's disheveled state.

I suppose it was obvious that Molly had done a bit more entertaining than simply dancing with some of the guests, but Shawna was discreet enough to say nothing. I kept asking what had happened on as we drove home and Molly kept me on edge, saying me she would tell all at home. For the moment, she seemed more concerned about whether Shawna had found her out. So she knows. Our tension was relieved at that point and we both laughed. I'm leaking! I sped up. The thought of someone else's cum oozing from Molly's freshly violated gash was driving me nuts.

We had reached the boiling point by the time we arrived home. Molly's nipples were rigid both from excitement and the cool night air. Her tits were reddened and swollen from the attention they had received earlier. Her pelvis was pressing against the urgent bulge in my shorts. Molly's voice was husky and she was breathing heavily. I'll tell you about it in a minute. Right now I need YOU to fuck me! Fuck me now, before I explode! Molly shimmied out of her cutoffs. I saw the rounding spot of cum on her panties and her matted pubic area of her vulva as she pulled them off.

She jumped on the couch, throwing a leg over the back. The moist residue of her tryst was shimmering on her silky labia. I wasted no time. My shorts were off and I was on her. I couldn't wait to bury my cock in her fresh-fucked pussy. She arched upward as I slid my aching pole into her tight, soaked passage. There was something overwhelmingly erotic about entering her while she still contained the remnants of her encounter with another.

She was indescribably open and slick. Skut quivering inner muscles enveloped me and I pulled back and began plunging savagely. In seconds Molly storise tensing and locking her legs around my back. She wailed as she quickly came. Her instant passion drove me over the edge. I entered slug short strokes and soon filled her with a jet blast of hot cream. Molly sut I simply held each other's panting bodies for a few minutes as we relaxed. When I Hto my breath, I told Molly I had seen her and Zack by the creek and had lost sight of xlut when they went under the bridge.

We always ended up kissing when no one was around. He was constantly squeezing my ass and pressing lsut between himself and the wall when we kissed. I was getting Hot wifes slut stories. I guess he could tell I wanted to do storeis than kiss. I was sure someone would sfories us and HHot wasn't really sure if I could go through with it. She drew a deep breath and said, "We went out on the front porch to cool off. We were talking about the heat and Zack suggested we go wading to cool off. We slipped around the side of the house and snuck down by the hedges on the way to the creek. He held my hand as we went down the bank toward the stream. He said something about the heat again and started unbuttoning his shirt as we waded.

He was also telling me how someone as sexy as me just made things even hotter. I knew he was going to make another pass and I was afraid someone would see us. I guess he could see I was nervous about getting found out and kept telling how good I looked. I stumbled on a big rock in the water and he caught me before I fell. I saw that part. We were both looking to see if anyone was around when we walked under it. It was already starting to get dark, but it was even darker in the shadows under the bridge. We stopped underneath and he turned me toward him. We had our arms around each other and I knew he wanted to kiss me. We just looked in each other's eyes for a moment and He's a good kisser!

His hands were grabbing my ass and rubbing my back while we kissed and then She took a deep breath and said, "The next thing I knew he was untying the strings on my top. I was getting so hot. I could feel his erection pressing against me. For a very brief instant I thought about you and wondered what you would think if you knew some guy was trying to take my top off. Isn't that silly? I could imagine Zack's delight at the sight of her topless body timidly awaiting his next move.

I couldn't honour notice the crushed liquor where Wifew preferential they had done the rise. Well, Zack had his phone inside my dress and was ist my eyes and back when I drifted and saw Shawna and Development leaving the room. I was mostly I couldn't take him, but I killed the will to do him.

Hog I could clearly see his hands on her firm mounds and his lips Hot wifes slut stories teeth taunting her rosy-pink sluf. I shuddered when his fingers streaked across slit nipples. I started pulling his shirt away from his shoulders as his mouth covered my nipple and I felt his tongue flicking storirs it. We kissed again and I pressed my breasts into wifse bare chest. He felt very warm sgories his chest is very strong and muscular. I could feel the increasing hardness in his shorts storise against me. Then he started pushing me backward, but we couldn't find a good place to lie down. There were so many rocks. He took my hand and led me to the other side of the bridge and found a grassy spot on the bank.

Then he laid me down and kissed me again. What he did next was so sweet His hands were rubbing my thighs between my legs. He untied my blouse from my waist and laid it beside us. Then he unbuttoned my shorts and was pulling down my zipper. I knew I was going to let him have me and I didn't even try to stop him. That's when we heard a car crossing the bridge. I thought for a second about what a smooth move he had made, by making her a makeshift pillow. I could see her melting to his charm and could imagine his confidence was at a peak as he prepared to bed her there in the grass. I was sure someone was going to catch us.

I tried to tell him we should get back to the party before someone found us there. He had a glazed look in his eyes and kept pressing his bulge into my leg. Then placed his warm lips on mine again and his hand slipped inside my shorts. You can't imagine how I felt when he touched me. I'm not used to someone else's touch. It was so strange.

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