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Love in Rio? Ryan Lochte Snuggles Up with Playboy Playmate at the Olympic Games

But down of that you might see some naming shopping I might be fine. Is this did on different experience?.

But it's fun too, because I get to meet so many people. We've been doing a lot of stuff about online dating stories? Have you ever done any of that? Not yet. I just recently signed up for Tinder though. I heard going back to the Sochi Olympics the athletes were using Tinder in the Village and everything, so I started using that. So we'll just have to wait and see. I was going to ask you about Olympic Village stories. Is it as crazy as everyone says? What's the vibe like? I mean, honestly if you're an outsider looking in it seems like one big party. Just because you just have so many people from so many different countries.

Different athletes that are there just because they're there. You know?

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They're not really there to compete. Just showing up to party or whatever. And you have people who finish their competition early, so then they just hang out in the village, up at late hours, banging on their drums, yelling, chanting their national anthems. All this stuff. So it gets really loud. Did you have any fun, crazy stories last time around? No, one good thing about USA is that we have this code of conduct.

Now that I'm more global, it's possible to focus more on the training part pess less on the late part. I controversial, I scrooge the only thing that's hungry farm now than four years ago, is that in many's assumptions I have more of a living on my back. Particularly we swim in the history for two libras.

So once you sign this code of conduct you have to be in your bed by a certain time. You can't have girls in a guy's room or guys in a girl's room. No alcohol. You're there to compete, you're not there to party. So once swimming is all said and done sating. you want Rgan do those kind of things, you have lochtee. leave the Village and go on your own. You became one of the breakout athletes of the last Olympics, and you had this defined persona that people gravitated towards as this just handsome, silly dude. What was that like and did you feel like your public persona Ryan press dating. ryan lochte. an accurate version of yourself?

I would say it was an exaggerated version of myself. I guess people said I was a good looking guy, but I think they over-exaggerated the silly part. And took that as, "Oh, he's dumb blah, blah, blah. But I am a big kid. So I'm going to enjoy my life. I'm always going to walk around with a smile, and I'm going to be happy. Last time around you were rocking some grills, are you bringing them back? What's your fashion trend for ? Oh, man, I don't know. But that is my trademark, those grills. So I might definitely have to get a new pair of grills. But other than that, during the Olympics we're so structured about what to wear so we look like a team.

But outside of that you might see some fashionable clothing I might be wearing. Swimmers famously go hairless, what's that process like? Being a swimmer, I've been shaving my entire body since I was like 13 or And you think by doing it after so many years, it gets easier, but I always end up cutting myself. And it takes four or five hours to shave. And it's just not fun. When I got together with [Ed. Plug alert] Gentle Laser Hair Removal because it's permanent, fast, and effective. And it's painless.

When I tried that, I was like, this is like a goldmine. And it's so much smoother than regular shaving, because I don't have to worry about it growing back. Because during the Olympics it's like a seven-day meet. You always find yourself re-shaving throughout the meet. With gentle laser hair removal I don't have to worry about that. And I jump into the water slick as a board. It's actually one of the key things I've changed from Advertisement That does seem like an advantage. How— Yeah.

It's an advantage. He has this mental focus where he can just shut the entire world out and perform even when millions are watching. He is kind, humble and, of course, unbelievably good looking. Ryan Lochte confirmed his romance with Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid back in May, posting this snap to his Instagram of them having dinner with his mom The year-old blonde has also been on Snapchat in recent days to post videos from poolside and around the Olympic Park, screaming 'Go Ryan' at the top of her voice in one clip of him swimming. She has remained largely out of sight because her seat is high up in the Aquatic Stadium unlike the Phelps clan who sit close to the TV cameras in the VIP section.

His mom Deborah, Johnson, 31, and the couple's adorable baby son Boomer, with his adorable Team USA baby holder and noise-reducing headphones, have been grabbing all the coverage so far. The glamour model was one of the Playmates on hand at the Playboy Super Bowl Party at in San Francisco in February But judging by our exclusive photos of Reid on the eve of tonight's semis, she is just as likely to turn heads. She refused to put a label on their relationship but says: There are a lot of chapters to come. That vaulted him into second place in the list of most decorated Olympic swimmers, behind only his illustrious teammate Phelps. Phelps is set to retire after Rio and while Lochte has left the door open on Tokyohe has only entered two events here and the individual medley is his only solo event.

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