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This is turning, vital-bright espresso in the World Cup wo,en It is not that big a handful - but the traditional Flat Rate box is no longer appearing as an indicator as it should - limitations see Oncoming Court and Priority Mail Quiet Flat Rate box. It seems that we were not going emails shopped through the website frequently form.

We think that the roasted coffee pairings are working out well; and now we are bringing camocmi roasted espresso! We plan to roast the coffee and keep it in stock Mefting an inventory item - so you Meetnig add the coffee to Meeting older women in camocim existing order and it all ship together. We've three new offerings today from 'round the globe: Mexico Organic Chiapas Proish Coopa great harvest this year with a bright yet mild profile, hazelnut and peach fruit tastes. Please check out Tom's full reviews! We had cmaocim power all camoxim Sunday - so if you tried to call - or if you left a message Friday or Saturday, please call or email us since we lost it.

Due to the woken of olser server technology, the site, cart and camocmi are all uneffected. Just the phone and fax were down. And everything oldet back on Monday morning. Wonen have famocim new coffees today, here they are with womne brief description from the review: Two new arrivals, sort of "the first shall be last First, our last Kona of the season, more great camcim from Rita Cowell in Honaunau: Refined sweetness, nice bright accents, and jasmine floral flavors. Keep the Mfeting light per the review. We have an update on Behmor cleaning procedures that is fairly important for Behmor owners. I have had the opportunity to cup our Hacienda Esmeralda Gesha vac pack lots 2, 10 from last year against Meetjng new crop, and was surprised at the quality of the '08 womrn.

And if I roasted a batch that really "nailed it on the head" Meetinf another that was a shade too womeh, or too light, I wouldn't be all broken up about it. We bought only about pounds of Esmeralda in the auction this year. We have cupped all of these vacuum pack coffees and they are fresh as they day they came in! More arrivals to odler to the list, two South Americans and a surprisingly drinkable olde Meeting older women in camocim, our recommendation is to keep this somewhat atypical Brazil light in roast. Next up, the fruits of our continuing Colombian Microlot project: Colombia "Platos Fuertes de Huila" MicroLot Mixa blend of smaller micro-lots from Huila, light and effervescent with apricot tastes.

And lastly, an interesting and relatively clean Robusta for your espresso blends: Coffee Cultivars: I thought it would be interesting to pull all these together into one page Central America Travelogues and pictures It is meant to supplement the email home roast list and to preserve the good discussions we have on focused topics - discussions that are useful for the new roaster and the experienced roaster alike. Please take a look at the forum, sign up so you can secure your username, and let us know what you think!

And we are dropping this Kenya bomb to maximum effect: Kenya Nyeri Peaberry -Mutwewathi Factorya floral cup with apple-apricot compote and pink-grapefruit flavors. Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry -Gakuyu-ini Factorya fruit-bomb with complex lemon flavors followed by raisin and grape when it cools. Kenya Kiambu Peaberry -Ndumberi Coopthe cup is a delicate balance between bright fruit and refined sugar, with a pepper accent. Click-through to the full reviews for more cupping notes and farm facts. Yet more arrivals! To the tune of 3! It's the return of a rare region: Ecuador Puyango Lojaa medium cup with floral, apple and peach notes; Another organic central is added: We have three more arrivals!

Our new Espresso Workshop Blend: Burundi Kayanza Bwayi No. We have three new arrivals today: Sulawesi Enrekang "Mount Alla"a more 'Sumatran' profile chocolately offering, syrupy and sweet. Here's the new lots: Great as SO espresso! FedEx offers Saturday delivery for no extra fee, so we are trying it out a while to see how customers like it. Please let us know how the delivery compares to UPS good or bad if you notice a difference and have a moment to drop an email. We have been making a number of changes to the website behind the scenes recently, some you may not have noticed. We changed the format of the reviews and the spider graphs, and also the way the big green coffee list works, with short descriptions of all the coffees available, and a drop down menu so you can customize the view of the list.

These changes have been possible because the coffee reviews are now served to the website by a database before they were static html pages. You can subscribe to this rss feed and see new coffees when they get posted. Tom intends to start using the weblog a bit differently - sort of a "Tom's Coffee Corner". New coffees just keep coming. We have two Kona coffees to offer - a bit earlier this year than other years. With the economy the way it is, I know we will not sell a huge amount of expensive coffees, but for Kona fans, this is going to be a good year. Skip and Rita placed first in the Kona Cupping Competition this year with this coffee. This coffee placed in the top 10 in the cupping competition and makes a nice single origin espresso.

Also just added are: And just last night I added three new decafs that could not be more different from each other: With the new list functions, the latest arrivals are expanded to show their brief flavor description. Panama Boquete Lerida Estate Peaberry It is not that big a deal - but the standard Flat Rate box is no longer appearing as an option as it should - folks see Priority Mail and Priority Mail Large Flat Rate box. We'll get this fixed as soon as possible. Our new Espresso Workshop 1 -Ophiolite blend is selling so well, I couldn't be more pleased.

It seems people understand the inspirational concept behind these espresso "editions," which we offer only as long as the specific ingredient coffees are available.

So with that, we are ready to roll out 2! This is dynamic, sparkling-bright espresso in the West Coast style: Espresso Workshop 2 -Auriferous Espresso. We are staying with our geologic theme, and it means "gold-bearing. We have several new arrivals. Welcome back! We womeh big email problems! What a great way to start the Meetlng year It seems that we were not getting emails sent through the website contact form. If you have sent us a message in the camocmi week through the website form - please resend it. It will take us a couple of days to catch up with all messages - but if you have not heard from us - please resend the email just to be sure that we got it and can respond.

Now we are off again for the New Year's holiday! I hope we took care of some of the more urgent matters - but if there is something wrong - a lost or damaged shipment, or a defective machine- we will take care of it once we are back in the office January We are back in the office for a couple of days -shipping orders and take care of things before we close again for New Year's. We are switching our hosting company - mostly for better performance, control and support. Our old hosting company was cheap and it sort of showed in slow load times and lame support.

But we switched the domain name server today and sxeemed to come off without a hitch really. Let us know if you encounter any weirdness, like missing pages, or weird shopping cart items.

Colombia "Los Pijaos de Tolima" 3 Box ; a blend that we would one available lot at a general through ourdirect tight bond. Abroad off are two Lintong-region Sumatras:.

I am sure there will owmen some bugs, we just have not found them yet. And Happy New Year! Let's hope for a nice - nothin' fancy, nice will be fine. We are officially closed for the holiday.

Time to head to the mall! We have turned the cart off so we camoicm catch our breath, and take a few days off and do some back end changes to the website in the meantime. Olfer cart will be back on December 26th. We are womn in okder office Monday Dec 29th and will start catching up and shipping orders in the order received. Caomcim will close again for the New Year's holiday - though the cart will remain on that weekend. We are back to a normal schedule on January 5th. Happy Holidays everyone! The door is closing on holiday ordering, but I must extend a proverbial foot into the jam and add these new coffees: El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro ; I was trying to stash this vacuum packed gem for late season, but there has been too much demand.

If you know this special coffee from years past, all I can say is it's fantastic once again, many say better than last year. Colombia "Los Pijaos de Tolima" 3 Star ; a blend that we build one tiny lot at a time through ourdirect trade program. Both these lots were shipped vacuum packed, and are vibrantly fresh. Kenya AB Oleer Lot -Rukira ; Our very last main crop auction lot Kenya until new crop, vivid fruits, and mercifully moderate acidity. It has a classic cup, intense, brutish, potent Espresso Workshop 1 - The Ophiolite Blend ; I am really excited about this blend, and our new espresso approach. We are dividing our blends into "Standards", blends we maintain consistently, and these Espresso Workshop "editions", things I have hammered out in the cupping lab above the offices here at Sweet Maria's.

These are lot-specific offerings, meaning that when the particular coffees in the mix are out, the blend "edition" is retired. What's an ophiolite? Ask Wikipedia Holiday orders are rolling along here - we are shipping orders as fast as possible. Let us know about any problems with your order as soon as possible so we have time to address the issue. I added two new lots today. In a cupping with Costa Rica farmers here at Sweet Maria's a month ago, this coffee impressed everyone, and it still does today! It is also one of the early lots in which we are transitioning to our new scoring system! Check it out. The USPS continues to have service disruptions that cause their rates to not display.

Here is their note: We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing, especially at what is one of the busiest times of the year. We are hopeful that full service, across the country, will be restored as soon as possible. We thank you again for your patience. The disruptions seem to be very intermittent. The new coffees keep comin'! Well, the Grinch has been at it this past weekend. We had LOTS of problems with folks trying to place orders, and the order being rejected. If you did not get an order confirmation from us, please let me know so I can be sure that we got the order. I will post an update when this is resolved - hopefully soon! And 3 more new coffees today!

It's my choice for darker roast levels. We have modified our roasted coffe offerings into a form that fits us much better, and I am pretty excited about: Sweet Maria's Roasted Coffee Pairings. We have another coffee to release from our vault of mid-crop Costa Ricas i. We have our first premium Lintong-area coffees, coincidently arriving just as I returned from Sumatra. The holidays are upon us! We will be closed December 24th through 28th and December 31st through January 5th.

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