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Why Does He Want to be Friends if He Doesn’t Want to Date You?

Is it comes to college off the romantic attractions. I was hit on once.

No thanks. I have a hard time believing that guys actually feel good about seeing their exes move on. In addition to celebrating and supporting you, friends also listen to you talk about the happenings in your life. Your relationship with someone is usually a big happening and a big topic of discussion.

Friends He wants to after dating be

Listen, guys are just as nosy as we are. And I actually think he was being serious and valued our friendship a lot. We did… AND do…. I'd like to have him as a friend, but the problem is I'm still attracted to him. Will this work? Anonymous Dear A, Our first reaction is to say, forget him.

Unless the friendship you have with him is so unique you frkends replace it with anyone else, this situation is just going to make you frustrated and angry. Mutual breakups are usually not mutual, and the breakee is holding on to some strong romantic desires. The ever present danger for these types of friendships is a backslide. Only this situation is much more confusing, hurtful, and sad. Is it hard to turn off the romantic feelings? You see it in the paper every day. You may even subtly be pushing things in that direction. Neither of these situations are fair. Are you feeling mixed messages?

Friends do things for each other. They give you a gift on your birthday. It is very easy to get mixed signals in the midst of all this kindness, love, and support.

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Nobody likes to be left hanging or wondering what led to the relationship ending. Women and men alike have been on the freinds of dating situation where a lack of a call back has left them hanging and uncertain for days. This is no way to make friends. There is nothing more awkward than showing up at a social event to see that date you never got back to.

That is, we keep people around that we have an interest in whether you want to admit to it or not because it's comfortable or, simply, because we admit our adoration for a person and datign hold on to the hope we might be with that person some day. It's not as outlandish as it sounds, kids. I know that there were a good three or four women I kept around as friends because I wanted to be with them. Letting go of those friendships came with the passage of time and hormones… And getting sex elsewhere. Also, I've kept friendships with women I absolutely had no interest in, but I knew the women had a passing interest in me.

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