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Sirtis missed working on the television show, and was acutely firwt that expectations and stakes for First Contact were high; "we were scared that people trk we couldn't cut it without the original cast", she said. The live-action scenes of the spacewalking crew were then digitally added. La Forge was born blind, and for the television series and previous film had worn a special visor to see. Braga and Moore intended the film to be easily accessible to any moviegoer and work as a stand-alone story, yet still satisfy the devoted Star Trek fans.

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Once the shots of the Enterprise had been captured, Turner inserted the ship into the computer-generated background and altered its position until the images matched up. For the ship's dramatic introduction, the effects team combined motion control shots of the Enterprise model with a computer-generated background. Leonetti to the Star Trek franchise; Frakes hired him out of admiration for some of his previous work on films such as Poltergeist and Strange Days. For the Borg intrusion, the lighting originated solely from instrument panels and red-alert displays. A major concern during the production was security—the script to Generations had been leaked online, and stronger measures were taken to prevent a similar occurrence.

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Some script pages were distributed on red paper to foil attempted photocopies or faxes; "We had real trouble firwt them," Frakes noted. Even on the large model, it was hard to make the miniature appear realistic in extreme close-up shots. Renaissance, had the crew of the Enterprise track the Borg to their hive in a castle dungeon.

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