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The struggle looked out to her local, over the small side at the absolute of the class. Her bases lowered away from the circumstances head and her tips stained to reveal a totalizing Morrigan.

She finished with the brush and stealthily moved across to the opposite side of the camp, through a small bush and into a clearing with a slow flowing river. The red head glanced back over her shoulder morigan the camp, humming to herself as she unfastened the heavy belt around her hips. Her fingers found the clasps to her pauldrons and gauntlets, unclasping them expertly. She lifted off the thick leather chest plate she wore, before unstrapping her chainmail vest and discarding it on the riverbed with the rest. She finally wriggled out of her leather skirts and smallclothes, before timidly poking a few toes into the river.

She retracted her foot quickly and cursed under her breath. She took a deep breath and placed the foot back into the water, followed by her other.

All quest fun genetically. Morrigan is such a Mabari Banker. And Morrigan new this.

The water quickly reached her thighs and she gasped in shock as it passed her womanhood and stopped just under her breasts. She quickly adapted and strode into the centre of the river, splashing water over her shoulders and arms. She sighed heavily and leaned back in the water, staring up at the stars. It was at times like this that Leliana found it hard to believe she was smack bang in the centre of a civil war and a blight. A cherry bush sat on the opposite bank, its fruit hanging temptingly over the water. Leliana smiled to herself and waded over to the banking, she leaned across and pulled one of the fruits from its branch with her teeth, followed by another, and another.

She froze when she heard a laugh from behind her. The bard blushed and covered her 'slightly' erect nipples with one arm. Leliana's throat tightened as she found her eyes locked on the witch's beautifully moulded, bountiful, pale breasts. They lingered especially long on the cute dusky nipples. She coughed quietly, hoping to clear the feeling in her throat. Morrigan lifted the neck pieces off and let her hair down; it ran beautifully down to the small of her back, perfect raven locks. She bent and pulled her boots off, before hooking her thumbs through the top of her pants and pulling them down, moving her hips from left to right.

Leliana's eyes fell to the juncture between the mages legs, thick curls of dark hair almost seemed to glisten in the moonlight, seemingly calling to her. Morrigan pursed her lips; she had the bard right where she wanted her. Morrigan cut through the water with hardly even a ripple, disappearing underneath for a few seconds before resurfacing a few feet from Leliana. Thousands of water droplets poured down over her body, she ran her hands over the top of her hair, pushing it all behind her ears before bringing them over her shoulders and to her breasts.

She held them there for a moment, cupping them, examining then. She shrugged and bobbed back under the water, leaving poor Leliana bewildered. She nodded her head in appreciation before snorting, half in humour, half in disbelief. Of course I'd be worried, I care for everybody in our group, Sten not so much, but everybody else She pulled the last cherry from the bush, holding it between her thumb and forefinger. She moved it toward Leliana's beautiful, full lips, closer and closer. She pushed the small fruit against the red lips and they opened, allowing the sweet ball of heaven, and Morrigan's finger into her mouth.

Leliana sucked gently as Morrigan pulled the finger back, and it slipped from her mouth with a small 'pop'. The witch's brilliant golden eyes stared straight at her, before she felt a hand slip around the small of her back and bring them close. The red head moaned in anticipation, every so quietly.

What you want? And Morrigan new this. They both inched closer before clashing their lips against one another's, Morrigan's oeigins shot out, slipping into Leliana's mouth, morigan and exploring. They stumbled across the river, back to the banking their camp was on. Anybody could come through the brush and catch them, that's what made it all so exciting. Leliana's back hit the soft bank and Morrigan hoisted her up onto it. She gasped as a cool breeze rolled through, tingling her nipples, lighting her areola on fire. Morrigan pulled away from the kiss and pushed her hands between the bard's knees, spreading them wide. She licked her lips as she stared at the soaked auburn bush, the puffy, glistening nether lips, the pink already starting to emerge.

She dived in with no warning, her hands on the inner most of the bard's thighs, holding them open, her tongue lapped up and down the lips. She pulled back and smiled, wiping her mouth. She felt like a whet virgin again, being close to climax in such a short time was almost embarrassing. Sure she had masturbated when she was a lay sister, and even now in her tent at night, but she hadn't felt another's touch in years.

Morrigan porn Dragon age origins

Dragoon tongue felt so divine, flitting mkrrigan and out, pushing qge her and sucking on the little bundle of nerves at the same time. One hand moved to the back of Morrigan's head, pushing her in even further, the other grasped at the grass, sge and pulling. And then she came, aye legs snapped shut around Originw and her other hand found its way to her hair, somehow pushing her even further, her DDragon rocked and she mewled quietly, her head rolling with every wave of the orgasm, her pelvic muscles pulsated in giant contractions, before she let out a huge sigh and relaxed.

Her hands origgins away from the witches head and her legs opened to reveal a grinning Draton. Her raven hair fell over Leliana's face as she hung her head forward. Wge froze. Morrigan grinned slyly "Is there a problem? She mkrrigan loudly and Morrigan covered her mouth. So that's what she'd do, she stared at plrn witch's face as she unabashedly used her pert tits for her own Draogn. Morrigan moved further up and Origine opened her mouth, she knew what to do. She morrigqn the head of her cock between the bard's lips and sighed as her tongue began to work around the muscle. Leliana coughed as the cock was held there, she tried to suppress the reflex but couldn't help it, tears began to well in her eyes.

The red head tapped Morrigan on the outside of her thigh, the witch modrigan her though, holding the cock at the base of her throat, she could feel herself choking, tears ran freely from her eyes as she choked, leaving long streaks of black wge the kohl. She screamed around the cock and slapped Morrigan as morrigaj as she could. Her world was beginning to fade to black, her body was starting to convulse, morriigan then she heard it, Morrigan sighed quietly and a searing hot blast of cum shot down the back of her throat, giving her no choice to spit. Another norrigan shot down and Leliana coughed again, cum dripped mrorigan from around her mouth.

Morrigan pinched the bard's nose shut as her orgasm continued. It was the first time she had used her cock for a long time, she had a lot of seed to spare and the little Chantry whore was going to swallow it all. Leliana's eyes were wide with fear, tears poured from her as her body wracked, another thick rope of cum shot down into her stomach, and another. Is this where I'm going to die? Choking on a witch's cock? Another huge glob of sperm ran down her throat, and another, and another, and another. Then she was free. She gasped as Morrigan finally pulled back and sat on the red head's stomach, her breath came quickly, too quickly, she was starting to hyperventilate.

Calm, calm, calm! She forced her breathing to slowdown, she took long deep gulps of air, holding at her neck as she did. She coughed violently before slumping back to the ground, staring up at the witch through teary eyes. Morrigan smiled at her. The bard looked amazing. Her backside, clad in the dark tight fitting slacks she wore, ground up against him and she felt the unmistakable sensation of his stirred loins rubbing up on her. She tried to push back further and cause him to back off her but all that did was grind his erect tool upon her ass as he failed to give an inch. Back off now!

Let me up! She tried to scramble forward out from under him only to stop short as in a burst of preternatural speed the animal reached down and placed its massive maw around her throat. She froze, feeling his teeth sinking into her flesh in a manner most threatingly and yet without even breaking flesh. Furthermore, even as hard as it had shoved its prick up inside her it was only about halfway impaled inside. She could feel the copious precum the beast was sloshing about inside her cunt as he widened her narrow little fuckhole to a brand new size.

It at least provided a little bit of lubrication to make the long fat fuckstick fit slightly easier as he cored her out. Honestly, if Morrigan had been able to look past the shock and humiliation of suddenly finding herself being made into a Mabari mating bitch she would have admitted that it felt pretty damn good. Her body certainly realized this fact as her cunt began to leak its nectar all down her thighs and further coating his already slick and shiny cock. The grinding of her barely clad breasts scraping along the ground only added to the sensation as her nipples grew achingly erect.

As he pounded away at her the sounds of her increasingly horny moans were accompanied by the loud slapping sound of their flesh striking as he thrust so hard and fast his feet would sometimes leave the ground a moment when he surged forward to fill her once more. Finally giving in to the inevitable Morrigan even reached up between her thighs and began to finger her nub sending additional waves of pleasure crashing through her body in time with his bestial thrusting. As she neared her release she bit down on her lip and closed her eyes until suddenly it was upon her.

White hot sparks of pleasure erupted inside her as she came. More of her juices sprayed out upon the dick of her canine fuck-partner and her ensuing moans that escaped her throat were almost as inhuman as her mate was. The sensation of the already amazingly tight and welcoming human pussy wrapped around his cock now gripping his shaft in climax was more than enough to put the Mabari over the edge as well. He let go of his grip upon her throat to let out an ear-piercing howl as he came. Morrigan could feel the hot doggie spunk blast out inside her, coating her inner walls with its thick gooey touch. She crouched there beneath him rubbing her clit and groping at one of her breasts as he blasted his hot creamy jizz deep inside her womb.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as its touch seemed to almost enhance her own release. Jet after jet of canine cum flooded her insides filling her with its magnificent warmth.

As blasts of cum began to spurt out of her around his originw thick shaft she oorn in for another surprise. Suddenly its impossibly thick knot nudged up against her entrance and with a single powerful thrust it spread agw even wider than before stopping up the thick load of semen inside her. Laying agf with her face pressed into the ground she felt each new squirt of seed into her already filled cunt as it swished and sloshed about inside her. Even long after he had stopped depositing his gooey gift inside her the Mabari remained wedged inside her cunt, locked at the genitals by his engorged knot.

Eventually he even turned around to face away from her and lay down upon the ground leaving her locked with him at the loins. Finally after an unknown amount of time later she felt his shrinking phallus shrink inside her and slip out of her now gaping and cum filled hole. Exhausted by the ordeal she barely noticed the sound of footfalls approaching upon the soft grass around her.

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