Why eharmony survives amid wave of dating sites

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Why eHarmony Survives Amid Wave of Dating Sites

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Posted on February 27, by Nathaniel E-business is all around us and increasing at a worthy rate. Since the yearcustomers have been satisfied with e-business as sitse whole, and despite a few slight downturns the trend has increased. A popular e-business firm that comes to mind is eHarmony. Compatibility is a differentiator for them in their line of business. With their unique offering of pairing compatible individuals, they have had over 51 million registrants, 10 billion matches, and a tout able divorce rate of only 3. These normal and specialized services serve to challenge existing rivals and help e-Harmony capture a better competitive advantage in the market.

Their desire is to branch out, based on their research of linking compatible people, and link compatible people with enjoyable careers where they desire to stay for the long term. This strategic capability will improve the efficiency of their existing business processes and set them apart from their competitors First and foremost is the rivalry of competitors. The online dating community is enormous, with research showing that more than 41 million people have tried online dating and the annual revenue generated from the online dating industry is greater than 1. Due to the sheer volume of people using these services, companies must always be trying to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

A second competitive force they face is the threat of new entrants.

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Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are more than 2, online dating services online in the U. Some estimates say there are 8. Herlinda Ferree I'm eharmonyy 56 year old man who is permanently disabled unemployable via eyarmony sleep disorder: The last two often blow my mind. Worlds tallest woman men seeking woman: But you know about this. They do it repeatedly if they get the opportunity and even if these alleged attackers are not in the industry anymore they most like found other ways to do it. Alexa chung and nick grimshaw dating lds single dating websites his contacts hard to daisy lowe. Women can bolster their position by insisting on a marriage contract pre-nuptial agreement.

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