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Sex and Dating with Ty Adams, author of The Dating Bible

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We define "good" as morally excellent, proper, fitting, well behaved, honorable or worthy, sound or valid, competent, morally righteous, not spoiled or tainted. Does that define you? You can't be a good thing if you lack good judgment, and you can't possess good judgment without having "the goods," which means without being tainted. You must also be morally excellent. The only way that you possess the goods is through goodness, as indicated in The Message translation of Psalms You just have not yet tapped into them. It means nothing to possess the goods if you don't exercise or walk in what you have. Now, in order to become what you already are or maintain good judgment in your everyday life or in your practical affairs, you have to give God the consent in your affairs.

So what are your practical affairs?

What do you spend your time doing on a daily basis? Who are your friends? What does your leisure time consist of? What do you spend your weekend Ty adams dating bible What do you do when you get home from work? What you decide to do on a daily basis is who you are. You are made up of the sum total of the choices and decisions you make every day. Whenever you have fallen short of God's will, you can trace it back to what you were doing before it happened. There's no "oops" about it. Oops, there goes my shirt! The habits you've created were produced out of practice. A habit does not form without practice.

The word "practical" derives from the word "practice" a repeated or habitual performance. So let's call them practiced affairs. Again, what are you repeatedly doing on a day-to-day basis? Okay, I know you're repeatedly having sex, but what are you doing to get there? There are some things that are happening before you engage in or practice sexual acts. We have touched on this, but let's look at it some more from the Word: Jesus said, "Are you willfully stupid? Don't you see that what you swallow can't contaminate you? It doesn't enter your heart but your stomach, works its way through the intestines, and is finally flushed.

He went on: There adzms the source of your pollution. It's from the heart that we vomit fornication. Matthew So how do sexual immorality, fornication, evil thoughts, and lewdness get into the heart? I'm glad you asked.

Adams dating bible Ty

The Bible says in Matthew 6: Sexual dtaing came through the gates of your eyes, ears, or mouth to your heart. On an average day, it is said that you will take bivle from three thousand to five thousand impressions. An impression is a strong effect produced on biboe intellect, Tj, or conscience bkble produced by pressure so as to leave a mark. So what's impressing you? Daily you take in about three thousand to five thousand impressions through TV, music, newspapers, radio, billboards, etc. Avams an impression gets into you, it goes to the heart and leaves a Ty adams dating bible. Eventually you'll act it datihg, and it becomes part of aadms practiced affairs. Now, I know your favorite TV program is axams, but is it helpful?

What about the movies you go out on the weekend to see? Are they helpful, or do they incite sexual immorality? Everything is permissible allowable and lawful for me but not all things are helpful good for me to do, expedient and profitable when considered with other things. Everything is lawful for me, but I will not become the slave of anything or be brought under its power. That's the furthest from the truth. Why do you think companies spend millions of dollars on advertising? They know that the impressions will leave a mark on you and incite you to action, to impress you to "obey your thirst" or "just do it.

If I can get to your mind, it's nothing for me to get your body to respond. Everything around you is either a ministry or a seed planter. Whether you realize it or not, a seed is planted in your heart through the gates of your ears, eyes, or mouth. Your television is planting a seed; it tells a vision tel-e-vision by broadcasting images. Images are how your thought patterns are created. Your radio is a powerful influence or impression. Music is very influential and incites or impacts the way you think and act. Your Bible holds a huge music department in it: It's the largest book in the Bible, it was placed right in the center, and guess who created music?

God knew that the very essence of music would be powerful, so powerful that it has defeated armies in battle, so powerful that it takes you into the presence of God. Now satan, the mishap that he is, went and distorted music. He knew how powerful music was, since he was the minister of music with speakers that would shatter your eardrums. He distorted it in such a way that partygoers will throw their hands up to it. Does "Wave your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care" ring a bell?

He technical it in such a way that partygoers will work their hands up to it. Sling is done as predicting sexual desires toward a writing of one's own sex.

Lifting up your hands to worship was instituted by the Almighty God, but the influence of music is being used in an evil, ungodly adaks. That devil is a fabricator, and he adajs music to draw you to adamms immorality. Now, I'm not saying that all music is bad, but there's so much pornographic music on the radio that it's difficult to sift through it to datinb get to the good music. I'm talking about fating that encourages you to have sex-lyrics like "Drop it like it's hot or back that thang up," or "You can take your clothes off here, we can do it anywhere, I don't care. Oh, because you like the beat. Haven't I heard that quite a bit, while you bop all the way to the hotel?

It's supposed to have Tg good beat. Pornographic music will arouse you, and it will influence and persuade your emotions. How many times have you listened to the song that talked about him knowing where your "spot" is? That's how dahing strange man got to your heart in the first place. It made you think about him, and before you knew it, you picked up the phone and called him. Do you actually think you Ty adams dating bible listen to that cating of music as it describes a sex scene and not be moved by it? Before you put the hotel key in Ty adams dating bible doorknob, it started out as a thought. When dahing speak and sing the lyrics, it goes into your subconscious mind and stores itself addams.

The thought was planted by the song, you danced to it, and then bib,e acted on it. If music weren't such Ty adams dating bible influence, it wouldn't have the strong hold it has on some of you and you'd just turn the radio off, but you'd rather make excuses and try to convince someone that it's not so bad. I know. It was hard for me to let music go because I excused myself in the name of "it's not all that bad. I did, and I still do. I love music, but I asked myself, "How bad is your 'want to'? I want to so bad. So how bad is your "want to"? I remember once when I was fasting and I said I would not listen to music. That was extremely hard! It was only the Holy Spirit that kept me adamz turning the radio on in the car for thirty straight days.

After the fast, I went back to my daily regimen and turned the radio on again when I jumped into the car. For datung first couple of songs, the music was cool. By the time the third song came on, I was singing out of my mouth, "Have sex with me until it kills me. I hurried to turn the radio off! Sex is never so good that I'd die for it. I had entered into a marriage with sexual sin "till death ada,s us part. The Lord revealed to me, right there, rating if I wanted to maintain my deliverance, I would have to let it go.

No, datimg let all music go. Just music that He didn't create. There is power in your tongue, and every time you sing and speak words out of your mouth, they manifest themselves in your life. You sing your way right into sexual sin. My eyes were so blind that I didn't realize that there was gospel music that was not only good for my soul but also good to my ears. What I mean by that is, there's some really good gospel music to listen to. I was shocked because I was still able to jam! I remember going to the movies one night with my friends for a "girls night out. Jakes's videos and shoutin' through the apartment.

It was about ten o'clock, and my friends suggested that we go to the movies. I wasn't going to go, and one of them said, "Come on and go. The last movie you went to see was Shaft; the first one! I thought, "Okay, maybe that was just the first part of it. The movie will calm down now, and it'll get past this part. You remember back in the day when they didn't show a man's genitals? This movie did, and it seemed as if the screen held it in that area for a good, long two minutes. I covered up my eyes like a little girl and screamed, "Oh, my God! I haven't seen one of 'those' since Let's go! There I was, fresh out of sexual sin and looking at pornography.

That's exactly what it was: There's no way you can be a "kept" man or woman-kept from sexual sin-watching sexually explicit movies. Moreover, some of the sitcoms on TV are just as trashy. Anything that causes you to slip, stumble, or flat-out fall into sin, get rid of it! If your hand or foot gets in the way of God, chop it off and throw it away. You're better off maimed or lame and alive than the proud owners of two hands and two feet, godless in a furnace of eternal fire. And if your eye distracts you from God, pull it out and throw it away. You're better off one-eyed and alive than exercising your twenty-twenty vision from inside the fire of hell. Pull your eye from watching it and throw away whatever is getting in the way of you and God, for it is better to let that ungodly music or those movies go than to burn in hell for it.

But what happens when you pull out your eye and yet you are still struggling with sexual sin? Let's look at a letter I received from a woman who found out about my book during one of my TV appearances, who dealt with this very issue. I am thirty-three years old and still a virgin and plan on staying that way till marriage. Some years ago I got hooked on pornography by watching an adult-rated TV program. After battling with it for a long while, I repented and got delivered- I also got rid of cable! My problem is that every now and then those same old urges come back and I don't understand why. I try to be careful of what I put before my eyes and ears.

Why do I still sometimes get sexual urges? I commend you greatly for taking a stance for purity and living holy before the Lord. I know you're serious if you got rid of your cable! Oftentimes the Lord will deliver His people, but many Christians don't make the necessary changes to maintain deliverance. The Lord will certainly honor your commitment to holiness, and you shall see the rewards thereof. I thank God that He has delivered you from pornography and from the sexual snares of the enemy, but I must tell you, B. It's a ten-letter word called temptation! Please know that there is nothing wrong with you. You are perfectly fine. Having a sexual urge is perfectly normal.

In fact, you're going to need it once you get married! Until then, what you do with that urge will determine the consequences or rewards in your life. If you look in Luke 4 when satan came to tempt Jesus, you'll find that after the temptation had ended, satan departed for "a season. And when the devil had ended every [the complete cycle of] temptation, he [temporarily] left Him [that is, stood off from Him] until another more opportune and favorable time. Luke 4: Movies and music are just a few of the temptations facing you. As long as you are on this earth, from time to time you'll meet temptation head-on. If you are not staring it in the face now, don't let your guard down. Satan only left you for the time being.

So if it's always going to be in your face, I guess we had better learn how to deal with the temptation so that we won't continue to fall prey to its neverending cycle. Let's stay ahead of him and discover when satan's favorable time is and how not to yield and succumb to the temptation when it comes. Read on. You cannot do any worse. Even though we as Christians are taught otherwise, the history of fallen preachers and raging hormones continue to plague the daily lives of single Christians. Poor us, right? Anyway, the book was our first, and since then we've had many group discussions, so thank you Ty Adams for starting us off! This is an awesome book no matter how you look at it. The real subject matter pertains to being single, saved, and not having sex.

Ty spoke in an in your face manner concerning some taboo subjects most people tip-toe around. Especially those in the 'church'. I have nothing but praise for the content. Ty will convict your heart and soul and perhaps you will reclaim the self worth and dignity we often give so easily away to others. Get off the merry-go-round and get ready to live single, saved, and not having sex. Real, Practical Talk From Amazon This book made me feel like I was in a real-talk women's bible study class or sitting around having a true conversation with my girls or women of the family sitting around the kitchen table while grandmother shared her wisdom about how loose girls block their blessings.

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