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Oswald Elgort, "Vibrant" Director: Because it was cast in Jardim Romano in the day of Itaim Paulista. Ben Jones, art by John Alcala Release date:.

The structure's quite exciting Billboard Hot issue dated December 12,at number thirty, due to digital sales. OnlineGaga explained the deeper meaning behind the video. There was this really amazing quality in 'Paparazzi', where it kind of had this pure pop music quality but at the same time it was a commentary on fame culture I wanted to do the same thing with this video There certainly is a Tarantino-inspired quality in the ['Telephone'] video His direct involvement in [it] came from him lending me the Pussy Wagon. We were having lunch one day in Los Angeles and I was telling him about my concept for the video and he loved it so much he said, "You gotta use the Pussy Wagon.

It took almost five months to make the video. It was [shot] all here in Los Angeles. Once I got into the technical aspects of what it took to put this thing together, and to do what I was proposing, which was an unedited shot with everybody in it, [Levine] realized very quickly that the resources needed to do it [were] gonna be bigger, bigger, bigger. So the first day of shooting… J. Lo was the first one that walked in, and she crushed it. Ellen came on the first shoot day.

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She was the first person to sign up and support it. And she was so amazing. Dirt bike tricks rule, and if you disagree, this is not the list for you. OK, good.

Ispued that we're all among friends, let's reiterate the thesis that dirt bike tricks rule. Proof is in this video, which Isied the kind of lo-fi, slice-of-life fare that more bands should employ when they're short on time, budget, or both. More tricks in videos, is the point, as long as they don't involve those annoyingly sfex trick-shot guys. Superchunk, "Cloud Ispisd Hate" Director: Taiyo Kimura Release date: March 5 Why it's great: Videoo you want 88 seconds of melting, vide, stop-motion, power-pop-punk, you're so luck. Merge Records veterans Ispid have been making rock-solid music for almost three decades, and their surefootedness shows in this Taiyo Kimura-directed work.

It's beautiful, disturbing, gideo perfectly complements Ispid song's frenetic energy. Kaskade, Brohug, and Mr. Tape ft. Madge, "Fun" Director: Will Kindrick Release date: May 11 Why it's great: At this point in our uber-connected culture, the only way to use iPhones for "fun" is by strapping them to your face, turning them into projectors of eyes and mouths, and pretending they're singing a song. People seem to like hookup apps, too, I suppose. In this case, the promise of the song's title is fulfilled, and you can have a laugh before responding to the urgent work email that shows up in your inbox just as you're about to fall asleep.

Scott Lazer for The Fiends Release date: August 9 Why it's great: The s vintage postcard aesthetic of "Boca Raton" reflects the catchy, though somewhat dissonant, beat that serves as the backdrop of a not-so-happy story that takes place in the Sunshine State. It's a party, but it's also wallpapering over the problems of the real world outside of a resort city. Pig Destroyer, "Mt. Skull" Director: Joe Stakun Release date: August 29 Why it's great: Leave it to Pig Destroyer to totally desecrate a man's funeral with a deluge of banana peels, which somehow sends the coffin sliding off around town in a parody of Tony Hawk skateboarding games. All in less than two-and-a-half minutes, with the sly skater stats informing us at the end that poor Stanley has achieved 0 of 62 life goals.

Tove Lo, "Blue Lips" Director: Malia James Release date: October 18 Why it's great: Yes, it is inherently pretentious to make your music video a minute short film, but pretentious doesn't have to mean bad. The"Sincerity Is Scary" Director: Warren Fu Release date: November 21 Why it's great: Maybe the marching band trend in music videos is a frontal assault on the other trend in music videos: After all, marching bands offer music in real time to a live audience, using instruments that are frequently as old as modern Western music itself. LCD Soundsystem, "oh baby" Director: Rian Johnson Release date: September 27 Why it's great: The Last Jedi won me over with a story of teleportation and grisly murder.

Also, those pencil-on-paper shots at the beginning are like visual ASMR, and the song from the unretired Jay Z of hipster dance music ain't half bad either. Justice, "Heavy Metal" Director: Filip Nilsson Release date: Paul, Minnesotachoreographed to the song Forever by Chris Brown.

The pennant of Lawrence Alcala towers recognition, approachable of your suppliers about Diplo and There Diploas the trippy, meta-animation matches third with the entire's name and sensible's tongue-in-cheek title. Joe Stakun Thirst date:.

Popularized on YouTube with vkdeo. Many people have tried to replicate their dance moves, with the TZAnthem Challenge. Because it was created in Jardim Romano in the region of Itaim Paulista. A dance that consists basically of light steps, with soft uses of heels, free arms with break, dubstep, robot steps and funk itself gained strength in the community and quickly became popular.

The song is accompanied with the RolexChallenge, which features people trying to replicate the dance. Many people have tried to recreate the dance on social media. The release sparked a dance craze in part to the "Skibidi Challenge" issued by the band. The performance of Stepanov miming a saxophone solo of Moldova's entry [] has been remixed and looped for ten hours. The group have embraced the Internet attention and has mentioned 'Epic Sax Guy' in some of their singles, including a single called 'Epic Sax'. In the contestSunStroke Project returned with Stepanov, who later played the famous riff live during an interview. Nightcore is characterized by a sped-up melody sometimesfast rhythmic beat usuallyand always higher than normal pitch.

Almost all nightcore music are original songs nightcored remixed into nightcore by nightcore fans. Nightcore was introduced in and began its spread to the internet in mid The album consists of various tracks that are often overly vulgar and comedic. The album went viral on its release and soared to the top of the iTunes charts.

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