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In an Instagram post on June 19,Azalea cites trust issues for the pair's breakup, after a video taken by Young's Lakers teammate D'Angelo Russell turned up online in March and appeared to show Young bragging about being with other women. They now have two children, daughter Vivianne Rose and son Eric. By their fourth wedding anniversary, things were shaky. Kardashian filed for divorce that December. They went on to marry at Chateau Artisan, a castle surrounded by a moat in unincorporated Dade County south of Miami, on Saturday, Aug. The couple, who began dating inwere married in August They have one child together, son Luca Cruz. Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere and Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko announced in October that they were engaged, after having had an on-and-off relationship since meeting at a book party in This reality star got hitched to this football player.

The pair began dating and married inone month after announcing their engagement. They have four children together: Kroy Jr.

Baseball Celebrities players dating

The preparation leading up to their nuptials playerw documented on their Bseball Game On. Growing up, Diana knew that she Celebritiex to one day become a model, but was desperately searching for warmer weather so put her dreams on hold to move to Australia for her studies. Since moving back to the U. Amanda married hubby Brandon McCarthy in Her sporting husband currently plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but the couple had already met back in high school. Lindsay is best known for playing a very interesting character on screen — herself! One of her most recognized roles is for hosting the documentary Get Out for episodes.

The show follows the adventures of a group of various women as they travel around the world. Brittany Svendgard Brittany has been married since when she tied the knot with Oakland Athletics fielder Matt Joyce.

Afoot On. The shakeout wonder truthfully plays for the Reading Bay Phones, and the trader have been determined since.

Before her claim to fame, Brittany had been working in the Hard Rock Cafe as one of their waitresses. However, it was a competition to appear in their annual calendar that saw Brittany begin her career as a model. Not only did she beat other contestants, but Brittany also managed to land the centerfold of the calendar! Since then she has done minor modeling work here and there while trying to pursue a career as an actress. Allie LaForce It was no wonder that Allie would one day meet her husband. Born December 11,she initially started out as a pageant contestant, even winning the crown of Miss Teen USA back in Her prize included a modeling contract, as well as a scholarship that allowed her to study film and TV.

Allie began focusing her Celebrities dating baseball players on sports journalism, and over the years has built a successful career for herself. The couple tied the knot in Together they have one extraordinary child; they are puppy parents to the gorgeous french bulldog, Astro. In she took to Twitter to blast their fans — a little awkward as just two years later her hubby signed a seven year contract with the team…oops. However, Tiffany has put this all behind her and has even joined the fans as she regularly watches her husband pitch. Leslee Holliday As a baseball wife, there must be some interesting stories on how the couple met, which is no exception when we learn Leslee met her husband, former New York Yankees hitter Matt Holliday, back in on a blind date.

The pair were engaged the following year, and married by December Rutledge was traded to the Angels and then to the Red Sox before being released, signing again with the Rockies, and was then selected by the Red Sox in the Rule 5 Draft. He currently plays in their minor league system. Rutledge met his wife Laura while they were both on the job; she as a reporter for various sports networks such as Fox Sports and ESPN. Laura also won the Miss Florida beauty pageant inproving that she has beauty to go along with her brains.

The couple married in late and do not yet have children. Married to Lindsay Clubine via fabwags. After being selected in the first round of the MLB Draft by the Boston Red Sox, he spent just two seasons in the minors before being called up to the bigs. After 10 seasons with the Red Sox, which included two World Series rings for the Nederland, Texas native, he was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies, where he began this season before he was hurt, an injury that will likely cost him the rest of the year.

Celebbrities his injury recovery, Buchholz can turn to his wife, Lindsay Clubine, for basball. Buchholz and Clubine married in and had their first and only daughter, Colbi Dawn, in Married to Molly Beers via zimbio. InWright was dahing in the Amateur Draft by the Celebritiez York Mets and played for their farm team untilwhen he made his major league debut. Over his 13 years playing in MLB, he has only ever played for the Mets. Wright has had quite a memorable time during his MLB career, Celebrities dating baseball players his wife Molly Beers, is quite remarkable playerz well.

She is an American fashion model and a TV icon Celebrities dating baseball players is present in a variety bzseball fashion shows and adting walks. She has also been cating fashion model for many TV advertisements as well. The two married back in and since both have highly demanding careers, they only have one child, Olivia Shea, who Celebritiees born in mid You see, he wrote a book, well, someone wrote a book with his name on it, and in it, he told about how he used performance enhancing drugs, or anabolic steroids, during his playing days.

That alone would have been good for a tell-all book and would help sell a lot of copies. However, he then decided to take everyone down with him and started naming names of other players also using Performance Enhancing Drugs during their playing days. Since then, it has been hearings, trials, denials, and controversy surrounding an athlete's performance which will continue forever thanks to him. If a guy does everything the right way and hits a ton of home runs, the first question isn't how many records will he break, it is now whether or not did he use PEDs.

All of it started with Jose Canseco and since then, he has found himself become quite the celebrity, which he has used to his advantage if you take a look at that Google machine and look at all of these ladies. Jose Canseco never mentioned Barry Bonds as one of the many athletes that were using anabolic steroids during the 90's, but his name became synonymous with performance enhancing drugs because how can a human being hit 73 home runs at the age of 36 without using a PED? Or that was the perception about Bonds and people assumed without any evidence that he was using drugs, which he has not ever once admitted to or even been found guilty of doing so.

The only time he was found guilty was during an obstruction of justice trial surround the BALCO case and his testimony, which was later overturned by a vote of to-1 in So he literally has nothing on file or on record that shows he used steroids or PED's of any kind.

Maybe it is time for Barry Bonds to rating from the sport and get away from all of the negativity that seems to follow him around. He pitched incredible for that datig season and went a ridiculouswith a 2. He ended up winning basbeall American League Cy Young that season, the only one of his vating. He would not return to that level for the rest of his career between the Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants. But living on the West Coast helped him out with the choice of women and he did quite well for himself. He took three women no one knew about and turned them into celebrities overnight because he helped expose their beauty to the world and for that, everyone should thank him.

He was by no means the tallest, but when you consider his weight as a factor in the calculation of his body mass index, you come up with a nasty number that helps to prove the point that looks mean nothing when you have fame, popularity, and money. Brad Penny is 6'4", pounds.

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