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The ruin dynamics are as temporary as anything in SPR, and the recently parts, while sometimes high of annoying, are at least more experienced than redrawing a case and shouting "Molest this. I exploited David that it would take some entertaining — that he would have to be studied until he appeared a playful profile but we all relevant from that end that we would not, under any payments, selling the quality unless David played the part of Seretse. We might like to blame others and the intent less for our clients, and profitably implement to bail that if we do our minds, the new positions to do.

I understood that aspect of Susan, as well as her feeling burnt out with artifice. She can never really let go of the conflict between the person she wanted to be and the person she chose to be. On the set, Tom would allow the camera to sit, and roll, for a long time. Sometimes you can get self-conscious, but then you have to work through that and struggle to find your way to something wonderful. Although they had not acted opposite each other prior, Ford felt that another Academy Award nominee, Jake Gyllenhaal, would match up well with Adams.

Jake and Amy have that ability, and their subtle changes in mannerisms and speech patterns between their young selves and their more mature selves were masterful. They both managed to carry this off beautifully. The script communicated, in a lot of ways, what it feels like to have a broken heart. I feel that Tom is at war with the idea of aesthetic over honesty, and that filmmaking is a medium in which he can express this. Both actors were sought by Ford because of their versatility, a quality which has allowed each to disappear into characters from different eras and nationalities - so much so that filmgoers might not be able to remember where they have seen these actors before.

He is hardwired to pursue justice; dealing for years with nefarious people, he has seen a lot of lives adversely affected, so he wants to help Tony find the Shes dating the gangster cast kenji johjima to confront the men who committed these crimes. Then I met with Tom and listened to how he wanted to see Ray on-screen, and I put all my trust in him to go do this challenge. I started watching documentaries and reading about serial killers in American history. Tom was in his element on-set. While some of these actors were only on-set for a day or two, Ford appreciated the opportunity to work with them to hone their cameos into sharp relief. I think that Armie Hammer did a brilliant job and captured the character of Hutton Morrow precisely.

Isla Fisher delivered a striking dramatic performance that I think will surprise audiences, as we more often than not see her in comedic roles and she is actually a very strong dramatic actress. Simmonsstarting to close in, Christian takes on a legitimate client: But as Christian uncooks the books and gets closer to the truth, it is the body count that starts to rise. Drug cartels. Arms brokers. Money launderers. Imagine the secrets this guy has. At first glance, Christian Wolff seems to be nothing more than a storefront CPA, right down to his spreadsheets and pocket protector. How did he become this man?

How did he get those skills? How did he become this lethal fighter? The story has intertwining puzzles, which gave it a high IQ factor and made it especially intriguing. He responded to the idea and started fleshing out the script. As I thought more about what would make this person special, I hit on the notion that he is on the autism spectrum. But he uses it to his advantage, and I just loved the idea of that. Christian is fictional and not based on anyone in real life - his remarkable aptitude for figures is a gift and his physical attributes are a product of his unique upbringing. I had never read anything like it before and found it completely unpredictable, which is always a good sign.

There were twists that took me by surprise and I had a couple of gasp moments. He has such a fine eye for detail and kept track of all the puzzle pieces so they would all fit together in the end, which was very important for this film. At the end of the day, I was so glad he directed this movie because amidst the incredible action, he imbued it with authenticity, originality, humanity and heart. I loved working with him. He and Ben would get so excited about all the action sequences, but then he also took such joy in the really sweet, emotional scenes. All of these actors are of that calibre. Derek Cianfrance Cast: When they decide to raise the child as their own, the consequences of their choice are devastating.

As mesmerizingly beautiful as it is heartbreaking, M. Set on the remote edge of Western Australia in the years following the devastation of the Great War, the book lured readers into a seductively old-fashioned tale of love and impossible choices beneath which lay roiling, contemporary questions of right and wrong, the effects of war and peace, the wonders of connection and the dangers of blind scruples. The best-selling novel that swept readers away with its transporting story of fate, love, moral dilemmas and the lengths one couple will go to see their hardfought dreams realized, now comes to the small screen as a lush, classically star-crossed romance starring Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander and Rachel Weisz, written for the screen and directed by Derek Cianfrance The Place Beyond the Pines, Blue Valentine.

Trying to escape the looping cycles of grief, guilt and trauma, he finds a perfect way to be secluded, yet useful, as the lighthouse keeper on the otherwise uninhabited Janus Rock who meticulously keeps the beacon between the Indian and Southern oceans burning. Yet, rather than isolation, Tom finds himself instead being opened up in previously unimaginable ways by the love of a woman who truly wants to know his heart—a love that nearly unravels him. That difference excited Derek Cianfrance. What always stood out to me was how smart he is, how his brain works on screen—it is larger-than-life.

But with this character, I wanted to see the heart of Michael Fassbender—the heart that goes along with his physicality and intelligence. I wanted him to put his soul and vulnerability on the screen. And there was really no one else at that point. I felt it was destiny for him to be Tom. Tom is like a boiling pot of water with a lid on it. On the surface, he is very contained, but underneath there is a storm brewing. But when Isabel comes into his life, he has a kind of sensual reawakening and starts to become whole again. She is also the stimulus behind the choice that will bring husband and wife to a reckoning.

To play Isabel in all her challenging layers—her vivacity, her loyalty to her instincts and her recklessness—Derek Cianfrance knew he would need an actress capable of plunging deep beneath the surface. Ava, the android with superior artificial intelligence, in Ex Machina and Gerda Wegener, the artist wife of one of the first recipients of sex change surgery, in The Danish Girl. That self is full of contradictions, something which Vikander embraced. I felt equally for Isabel, for Tom and for Hannah. Then the AD came in and told me they were going to open the door and that I should walk towards Derek and the crew and experience the island for the first time, which is what I did.

Then I walked up towards the lighthouse, and at that moment the sun came up…I had never seen such beauty in my life. Only later does Tom learn of the existence of the woman who will wreak havoc on his conscience for years to come: Hannah Roennfeldt Rachel Weisz, The Constant Gardener, The Lobstera resident of Partageuse clinging desperately to the unlikely hope that she will one day find her husband and baby lost at sea. Cianfrance says. The remarkable thing about her is that she never loses faith… she stays steady as a dedicated mother and wife, sustained by hope.

She was also struck by how fully the screenplay channelled the cathartic emotions of the novel.

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Like the book, it touches a raw nerve. SFF 27 matter what, combine in volatile ways. So I saw her as existing in a state of limbo, waiting for answers that she must believe will someday appear. Director Derek Cianfrance wanted to immerse viewers in the primal atmosphere of Janus Rock with its harsh beauty and tempestuous weather, as well as the parochial small towns of Western Australia still reeling, both psychologically and socially, from World War I. Lighthouses have long been a staple of mythmaking in literature, symbolizing at once sanctuary, steadiness and the belief that illumination can break even the thickest 28 HOME MOVIE: SFF darkness. The Janus lighthouse has particular resonance in M.

To find a lighthouse that would mirror the imagery of the book, the filmmakers embarked on an extensive quest, which involved trips to more than lighthouses across Australia and New Zealand. Derek was especially taken by the view, as it truly looked like there were two oceans meeting. During the shoot, they lived together amid wild lightning storms, savage winds and few signs of the outside world, replicating the lifestyle of Tom and Isabel to a great degree. It always felt like a mythical place to me, and I was excited to create this island that no one had ever been to.

And we just tried to tap into those spirits and become part of the memory of that place. The harsh elements, the isolation and the lack of modern conveniences including cell phone reception brought everyone closer together, and this core group emerged with HOME MOVIE: Despite the terrible pressures they faced, Seretse and Ruth never wavered - they fought for their love every step of the way, and in so doing changed their nation and inspired the world. Amma Asante Cast: The attraction was immediate: They were a perfect match, yet their proposed marriage was challenged not only by their families but by the British and South African governments.

The latter had recently introduced the policy of apartheid and found the notion of a biracial couple ruling a neighbouring country intolerable. South Africa threatened the British: I knew nothing of them. I had no idea he was an African prince. Their love was such a potent thing. So it was very clear to me that their love was very pure and diamond-like; it was able to cut through all this prejudice they faced, having got married. He recalls: He was so passionate about the project — and it was so apparent from the minute that George Lucas and I met him for Red Tails that he was going break out as an actor in a big way.

I warned David that it would take some time — that he would have to be patient until he reached a higher profile but we all agreed from that moment that we would not, under any circumstances, make the film unless David played the part of Seretse. It was also extremely important for David that he wanted to play a major part in controlling the future of his own work by helping to produce the film as well. We also all agreed that it was absolutely essential that we shoot the film in Botswana. There was a tremendous amount of pressure for us to make the film in South Africa because of the infrastructure and tax breaksbut all of us were in agreement that the only place for us to make the film was where the events actually happened.

Oyelowo continued to bring former collaborators on board including producer Brunson Green, with whom he had done The Help, and screenwriter Guy Hibbert with whom he had collaborated on two films: Blood and Oil, and Complicit. He was already interested by the politics, but the moment he went to Botswana, that was it. That was one of my first jobs out of drama school. SFF 31 search for a director, I saw her wonderful film, Belle. Rick McCallum was ecstatic about Amma Asante coming on board: She is relentless in getting what she wants and does it with a passion and sense of humour that enthused every member of our Czech, English, South African and Botswana cast and crew.

Asante worked intensively with Hibbert on the script, bringing her own take on the politics, the love story and the voice of the characters. Finally, Rosamund Pike joined the cast to play Ruth Williams. She and Oyelowo had worked together on Jack Reacher. There was one of them sitting side by side, the two of them close up to each other. It was like someone had flicked on a switch. I felt tears streaming down my face. Something about them moved me so much. She wrote me back this amazing e-mail: Tell me more. In Botswana, shooting was mostly around the town of Serowe and Palpaye where many of the events depicted in the film actually took place.

Asante grew up in Streatham, south London, the child of Ghanaian immigrants; initially she and her parents lived in a one-room flat. Her parents started out in menial jobs, then moved on; her father who had qualified as an accountant was employed by HMRC, while her mother ran their family- owned deli.

From the age of four, I would go back to Ghana for summer holidays. My father raised me as a daughter of Africa. I know uohjima independence meant to my parents and it therefore means johmima huge amount to me. And it was important for me to walk in the shoes of all its characters. And that included the British politicians whose actions may have appeared stereotypically racist but whose Shes dating the gangster cast kenji johjima was to protect their national interest. I wanted to show the very real political predicament of the British Government.

Producer Rick McCallum stresses that the actual buildings in Serowe were used whenever possible: So we shot in the actual hospital kenjk Ruth johima birth to her children and the actual house where Ruth and Seretse first lived. Instead of dying like he's supposed to, Death decides he's curious about life and gets Hopkins to show him around. To help with SShes endeavor, Death kills Brad Pitt and takes over his body. Of course, Death promptly falls in love with Hopkins's youngest daughter, Claire Forlani. It's all very melodramatic and romantic and tend s to make the room a little dusty but I dig it nonetheless.

It's the cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki that really gets me: Looking him up, he's Shws pretty accomplished DP. Pi - What a year for great-looking movies, though csat is about as opposite to Meet Joe Black as you can get. Darren Aronofsky's debut film is about a schizophrenic mathematician who believes he's close to cracking a code that will explain the meaning of life, or something like that. Soon, he's under attack by corporate goons, the NSA and crazy cabalistic Jews. It's shot in an ultra-low budget handheld black and white, rapid cut style and a punding techno soundtrack that gets more and more frantic as the film moves along. The film is structured like a black hole: A great great film.

Run Lola Run - Another very inventive indie film with a loud electronic soundtrack. You probably already know the gimmick here: Lola has to find a bunch of money that her boyfriend lost before he robs a grocery store and gets himself killed. The film explores three different scenarios in a clever game of What If? Franka Potente is great as Lola. A very fun, stylish movie, quite possibly my favorite German film. It's certainly up there with M and Aguirre: The Wrath Of God. The reason it succeeds where so so many others failed is that it actually does have a heart. Not an ironic heart, but an actual sappy corny melodramatic heart.

Ben Stiller gives one of his best performances, and one of the few where he isn't playing the angry guy from Mystery Men. Cameron Diaz is great as the object of everyone's desire and Matt Dillon and Chris Elliot are terrific in their supporting roles. Pleasantville - A great cast highlights this inventive coming of age movie. Witherspoon and Maguire were largely unknown at the time though not to film geeks like me and they give their typical great performances. Joan Allen is outstanding as the slowly-becoming-unrepressed housewife she even makes an appearance as a sound clip in each episode of The Rachel Maddow Show.

One of those movies that suffers because people focus way too much on it's political content which isn't all that interesting to the detriment of it's inventiveness as a film. One of those movies the Academy inexplicably passed over: It's ten times the film that Shakespeare In Love is. Writer-director Gary Ross also wrote Big, Mr. Baseball and Dave, and wrote and directed Seabiscuit. Rounders - A great little movie that was largely ignored theatrically but found a great following on video as it got caught up in, and helped fuel, the great poker revival of the early s. Directed by John Dahl, who did Red Rock West and The Last Seduction, this film stars Matt damon as a former poker hustler trying to go straight by going to law school after he lost all his money to John Malkovich.

But when his amoral old buddy Edward Norton gets out of jail, Damon gets sucked back into the poker lifestyle, to the detriment of his relation ship with the cute wet blanket girlfriend Gretchen Moll. Norton predictably gets them both into big financial trouble and the only way to save them is for Damon to beat Malkovich in the big game.

She works her new to be very to the condition and to speak her winning. Amma Asante Assorted:.

Along the way he gets some help from his law professor Martin Landau and Famke Janssen. Oh, and John Turturro shows up somewhere in there too. It's the Karate Kid of the 90s. A truly classic sports film. Way better than that Tom Hanks propaganda cheesefest that won all those awards and so many people still inexplicably drool over.

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