How to nicely say no to a prom date

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How to Say No to a Prom Promposal Without Coming Across as a Bitch

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However, when you just don't want to go with the person asking, it can be more difficult.

It's hard for someone to understand why you might not want to nucely with him or her. If we become harsh in how we let someone down, it can tl in that person getting defensive. It may even result in that anger presenting itself by that person calling you names or getting angry. Yet you have to take the high ground. Be honest and direct, but say it nicely. Clear things up. Whether you're gay, straight, asexual, questioning, trans, or feeling something else entirely, just be honest: Until today, apparently. Deflect to friendship.

Instead of raising your eyebrows and letting that question sink, unspoken, into his desperate soul, try this: I'd love to get to know you better, as a friend. Ho to join us for a slice after school? You're colleagues. Repeat after us: Workplace relationships are a bad idea. Workplace relationships are a bad, bad, very bad idea. Not only is it quite possibly against your boss' rules, but if you break up—and heck, even if you don't—it can create major tension for everyone. Draw the line. Drill the fact that this isn't a good plan into your own head, and then drill it into his by saying this: But it can also be hurtful and make people feel uncomfortable.

We've all had something small go around about us at some point, and it can get twisted.

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Also, it's just yo that fun to have everyone talking about your personal business! So what I'm saying is, think about the guy nicrly girl's feelings dwte you tell your friends, the lunch table next to yours or the world via Instagram. Your hopeful date will already be embarrassed enough that you turned them down. If they've asked you in front of other people, try suggesting that you speak privately before declaring a very public rejection. It takes some tension off the response and allows them a few moments to collect their feelings without onlookers.

Find a Happy Medium There's a happy medium to be found when it comes to rejecting a promposal. You don't want to simply and a little too curtly state, "No. Find the balance and make your words count.

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It happens hicely year to girls and sometimes guys when prom season rolls around. Vate promNosal is the awkward situation when someone asks a person to prom and they get turned down. It takes a nicelyy of courage and sometimes a lot of effort for a guy to ask a girl to prom, so if you need to say no, here are some ways to handle this awkward situation. Start by telling him that you are very honored and flattered that he asked you. Then tell him the major reason why you cannot be his date. If there is another guy you want to go with, tell him that you plan on asking this other guy out.

Chances are that you will not only have let him down easy and avoided an awkward situation but you will also have gained his respect and admiration.

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