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How to Display the Last Updated Date of Your Posts in WordPress

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You can also set up the minimum width of the related posts.

Relevanssi uses a simple CSS meannig to lay out the related posts, and this setting is used to adjust the minimum width of each element. Experiment with different values to see what works. Each post is a div. If you want to make bigger modifications, you can create your own template. Relevanssi will look for the relevanssi-related. Single post settings There are also Related posts controls on post edit pages. You can also specify keywords that are used to fetch the related posts for that post.

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In this article, we will show you how to easily display the last updated date of your posts in WordPress. Most WordPress themes usually show the date when a post was last published. This is fine for most blogs and static websites. Meaninh, WordPress is Wht used by websites where old articles are regularly updated like ours. In our case this will be things like the post thumbnail, title, date, and author. The code that handles both of these parts will be placed in our theme's single. This is where the logic of the related posts happens. The first example I'll ths here is the most basic scenario you'll run into. I'll dive into some more custom examples later that will let you tweak the output.

This basic example creates a custom query written in PHP that grabs 8 random related posts from the default WordPress 'post' post type. It also ensures that the current post is not in the results. Styling the Output with The Loop Next, we need to loop through the resulting posts and output some data for each one. Though this pattern supports the matching hypothesis, overall lower mate value participants did prefer high mate value potential partners. Thus, it seems that while everyone would prefer a high value partner, only those with self-perceived high value have the confidence to pursue the 9s and 10s out there. In Study 2, initiators on the dating site contacted targets that were more attractive than them i.

However, there was evidence for matching in terms of who reciprocated the contact. Reciprocity was more likely when attractive initiators contacted attractive targets and when less attractive initiators contacted less attractive targets i. You can also exclude posts and pages by ID. It offers dozens of customization options and comes with three beautiful layouts. It comes with 65 pre-designed templates for each layout.

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With this plugin, you can also choose to display related posts from custom taxonomies created by different plugins like WooCommerce and bbPress. Three different layout options available. Offers a clean user-friendly backend. Offers optional navigation buttons for the related posts. Allows custom post types from different plugins including WooCommerce and bbPress. It allows you to customize the thumbnail size, text color, number of items, and widget titles. It also allows you to display multiple instances of the same widget on the page. It allows you to choose the taxonomies to display posts from and caches the suggestions to speed up the process and save server resources.

Customize the size of a thumbnail, the length of excerpts, the number of items shown and the widget title.

Display author name, the number of comments, excerpts, post thumbnails and publication date. Beginner-friendly user interface. You might have seen this kind of suggestions on popular news websites such as Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. While this plugin will help you improve your bounce rate and get more traffic, you will need to install an additional plugin if you want to display related posts in your sidebar or after your content. Allows you to choose when and where the suggestions are displayed.

A great way to decrease bounce rate and increase traffic. It offers dozens of customization features. You can customize almost all aspects of the design.

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