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Piss, semen and squirt poured out of Jack into a large puddle on the floor.

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He then fed it to Jack who sucked, licked and slurped at it hungrily; he hadn't eaten in a day. The feeling of Pusay that he was on display while doing such disgusting things made Jack so much hornier, and he screamed and convulsed into another squirting orgasm, the squirt coming out at the same time as his piss, stretching and burning his urethra. Now that his cunt was empty, he was struck with the overwhelming need to piss. He tentatively reached out a hand to touch one of Jack's small, brown nipples, as if he was testing the waters.

He then took off his underwear to reveal his inch uncut dick and lazily stroked it. Matt fucked him like this for another ten minutes before roaring and pumping another load into his brother. He has brown, short hair, is very tall and is extremely muscular. He let out a ragged moan. Here it fucking comes! Jack felt an intense, almost painful throb of arousal at his brother's manly voice, and couldn't resist fingering his pussy while he replied.

Jack's whole fist slid Pussg his vagina and his asshole clenched down on the water bottle, sending waves of pleasure all through his body. Finally Matt positioned his cock at Jack's wet lips and plunged inside in one movement. I tell you what to do and you listen! Matt would knock on Jack's door every morning and tell him he should go to school.

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