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The New Dating App For People With *Specs Appeal

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The key difference when I used a picture from a few years ago with me as a blonde was adting the men who came on to me were older and richer. Obviously they were married because this was IllicitEncounters. They loved the fact that I was holding a wine glass and gave the impression I was a party girl.

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I dated two dite who contacted me with datlng profile picture. One was lovely and we had a great weekend together in Marbella staying in a five star hotel. Hayley said: Men looking for companionship Hayley said: I am happiest when I am in the gym and I found a few kindred spirits when I used some work-out pictures of myself on my profile. I had men wanting to meet up at the gym rather than a bar or a restaurant which was a nice change. I met some great guys but I was conscious that I was not making enough of my feminine side. Hayley, 36, found that men were more genuine when she went on the dating website just as herself because 'they could see there was nothing contrived about my profile' Hayley as herself Approaches: Looking for love Hayley said: I like enjoying the high life and sharing some intelligent conversations with older men.

I found the men were a little more genuine when I went on as myself - they could see there was nothing contrived about my profile. I used full length pictures of myself rather than one that just focused on my bust and they showed my real age more clearly. I got fewer younger men coming on to me than I did with the cleavage pictures and more men who were interested in a proper relationship. Hayley was only approached four times when she used photos of herself wearing glasses - although the men were much more polite Hayley wearing glasses Approaches: Four Best for: Nice guys Hayley said: If you are dating online, ditch the specs - that is my advice.

I was worried I would not get any approaches at all but four men came on to me and they were all absolutely lovely. The spectacles created a whole new persona for me and that was reflected in the responses. The men were much more polite but sadly none of them had a lot of money. Setting up a profile on Spex is free and similar to other dating apps and websites. They are something you choose to wear day in, day out.

And so you need to love the glasses you wear and feel confident wearing them. I Glassws SPEX can help people find that confidence, and realize just how great they look with their glasses on. A road trip to a Warby Parker retail location 2. An evening at the movie theater where you both sit in the very back row of a foreign film trying to see who can read the subtitles better 3. Do you wear glasses on the regs? Would you join this site?

Dating site Glasses

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