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Six impacts of A. Classification Bros.

And they have built a really great tool that integrates really tightly with the Clio platform and helped address a pain point that many of our customers had that they can now address with this tool from Lexicata. When the linages floor is ib up, not just with a bunch of relwtionship vendors, but a bunch of companies that have built on top of the Clio platform and helped extend the platform in a really meaningful way. They are part of the ecosystem. Yeah, I love that. My favorites, I will just rattle off, aside from Lexicata, which I think is a really cool tool to layer on top, Ruby Receptionists, which so many people use already. And the Court Rules, I think the Court Rules is so cool that you can actually pick your jurisdiction and pick the issue and then it will calculate and calendar dates based on Court Rules I think is amazing.

So yeah, so you guys have done an amazing job.

Fastcase we should mention un well. Fastcase is another killer integration. That is so amazing that you can track your time inside of Relatipnship and apply it to a relatiinship matter and create a time entry that can quickly turn into a bill is pretty cool. So no, I really applaud Clio for having limares open API, but also for the development that Nsa relationship in linares does and has on its own. Relahionship a couple of things. Client portals are basically a way where you can collaborate with your clients directly via a secure website or a secure application. So rather than using email, for example, to collaborate with your clients, you can shift all of that communication over to relayionship of these client portals, which is basically, think of it as a more secure version of the Facebook Messenger App, for example.

So you can securely communicate with your clients in a completely encrypted environment. And this has a few benefits. One, document management is much superior than over email, for any of us that have gone through the agony of long email threads with document versions being attached to every Nsa relationship in linares thread on that email. Email is an unencrypted communication protocol, which the ABA for the time being has deemed to provide a reasonable expectation But I think especially in a post-Snowden world, we are going to see evolving client expectations around privacy.

And if you are dealing with highly sensitive documents, or linaees moderately sensitive documents, sending it out over an unencrypted channel that you know is subject to wiretapping, subject to NSA surveillance, subject to a bad actor getting in the middle of the communication and eavesdropping on it, you really should be considering a more secure mode of communication and these client portals provide that. There is even client portals that you can use like Basecamp, for example, which is a very affordable service that provides some of the same functionality without the integrated practice management component, but if you are looking for a standalone client portal, something like Basecamp could help fit this need as well.

Yeah, there are certainly a lot of options in the market. There are a lot of them. And your clients love them. So you not only love them for the convenience they afford you, but your clients will love them and love you by extension for making this available to them and making the documents that you produce for them, for example, available to them conveniently in a centralized location, and when they realize a year from now or five years from now, hey, I need that document again, they have got one place to go and log on. You are creating this convenient long running platform that you are communicating with them through, and a repository of all your work products.

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Written by Nic Pizzolatto and Richard Wenk. Directed by Antoine Fuqua. Written and directed by Sophie Goodhart. Directed by Melinda Janko. Written and directed by J. Breaking Glass Pictures Queen of Katwe Chess transforms the world of a young Ugandan girl from the slums when a missionary teaches her the game and encourages her to follow her dreams. Written by William Wheeler. Directed by Mira Nair. Written by Nicholas Stoller. Recently, the species A. In summary, according to the most recent classification [10]four different species of Amazona ochrocephala, auropallita, oratrix and tresmariae are currently recognized within the YHA complex.

Eberhard and Bermingham [11] presented a phylogenetic study of the YHA complex based on combined mitochondrial gene sequences with a total length of 2 bp nd2, cox1, atp8, atp6. Based on the four-gene data set, they found that the complex can be divided into three main lineages: This surprising separation of the Colombian A. Finally, the analysis of the cox1 sequences demonstrated a phylogenetic separation of Northern South American A.

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These results suggested strong phylogeographic structure in the Central American lineage, which was lacking in the South American lineage. Using relatoonship the short cox1 sequence, Eberhard and Bermingham [11] reported also a relwtionship phylogenetic position for A. They relatinoship that the species represents a distinct clade, which is sister to the whole YHA complex. However, their findings disagree with the phylogenetic position of A. This apparently more detailed study of the YHA complex contained as many as nine among all eleven YHA subspecies and two subspecies of A.

However, it did not take into account the molecular data derived from A. These results did not confirm the subdivision of the YHA complex into three species oratrix, auropalliata and ochrocephala but rather suggested its paraphyly.

The authors found also that A. On the other hand, in contrast to the results by Eberhard and Bermingham [11]Rusello and Amato [7] showed that the species A. Despite the apparent morphological similarities between the A. This single A. However, it is only a supposition because analyses by Rusello and Amato [7] included no other A. The phylogenetic position of the A. One of them treats A. DNA from hide, hair, and bone samples was extracted using a silica based, guanidium extraction method Hoss and Paabo ; Johnson et al. PCR amplification of museum samples was performed with two pairs of hemi-nested primers for 16S and ND5 Johnson et al.

Thermocycling conditions consisted of 0. Several individuals with identical banding patterns were sequenced to confirm that each had the same allele. PCR products from museum specimens were directly sequenced. Sequences for each gene were combined for a total evidence approach Huelsenbeck et al. Concordance among the resultant topologies was considered to be strong support for the observed phylogeny. NJ trees were generated with the Tajima-Nei distance estimates and a general heuristic search with tree bisection-reconnection branch swapping. The MP analysis was conducted by a general heuristic search using simple sequence addition of sequences and tree bisection-reconnection branch swapping.

The starting tree was obtained from the NJ analysis, the shape parameter oc for the gamma distribution of rate heterogeneity among sites and the transition: Tv ratio were set at default values, and base frequencies were empirically derived. An iterative process whereby each successive ML tree incorporated parameters estimated from the preceeding ML analysis continued until an optimal tree was consistently derived. Zfy Intron Sequence The terminal intron of Zfy, located on the Y chromosome, was examined in 14 representative male pumas and one female for a negative control.

The sequence was deposited in GenBank using accession number AF PCR amplification was performed as described Menotti-Raymond et al. Phylogenetic Analyses of Microsatellite Data Pairwise genetic distances among individuals, among subspecies, and among groups of pumas were estimated using the kinship coefficient Dkf and proportion shared alleles Dps algorithms Bowcock et al. These distance estimators, which are based on shared alleles, are hypothesized to be more appropriate for comparisons among populations Driscoll ; Goldstein and Pollock Genetic Diversity and Population Structure Analysis Measures of genetic diversity were estimated for individuals, as well as within and between subspecies.

Population subdivision was estimated by FST Reynolds et al.

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