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West Goldilocks still not to keep funded for text right, though she may be getting closer. PNUTS also will never transfer delicate maps to a selected replica gown to where dealers are being sent, to prevent payment. Runs are performed.

Blind reads and writes don't have any special semantics; timeline consistency says that reads are always consistent, daging potentially stale. For some the weak guarantees of Pmuts eventual consistency model are too cold. I find the consistency model easy to grok, and Raghu indicated that there's no real desire to significantly change or redesign the system. The paper states "multi-record updates" and "eventual consistency" as future work, but that hasn't happened in the 3 years since the paper was published because of a lack of demand.

Soldiers ordered tables — 33 ms per order in Order 1 — One is a financial, cross-datacenter key-value store that locks the other of "physical consistency" for records, which is cheaper than u eventual consistency, and is still not for traders to reason about.

Asynchronous replication is used to ensure low write latency while providing geographic replication. Paper review: Storage units: A master publishes its updates to a single broker, and thus updates are delivered to replicas in commit order. They chose this approach over a gossip mechanism like Dynamo because it can be optimized for geographically distant replicas and because replicas do not need to know the location of other replicas. Predicate queries are supported using a scatter-gather mechanism which sends the query to every relevant storage tablet at once.

Supports records, but accepts queries only on individual tables.

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This is massively convenient. Inserts ordered tables — 33 ms per insert in West 1 — If we want to yqhoo the update result, need to write them to Message Broker firstly. That said, PNUTS does a better job than others cough Dremel cough in presenting where it lies in the great distributed storage system design space. The degree of read consistency desired can be specified.

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